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Will we all remember the kindness of others years after this pandemic has left us? Acts of kindness are all around us right now. We have seen some take the opportunity to be of service to others, to entertain others, or to help others without being asked. It is inspiring to see and so we have collected examples of the kindness around us that we would like share with you. Kindness Korner features these stories that make a difference in our event community. 

Please share any stories of kindness that you encounter and would like to share with others by sending an email to The GEC and they will be added to this page. 

Please note that this page will be updated regularly. 

Businesses helping the cause

Fashion Designers Step up Fashion designers and manufacturers are rebooting their operations to help with shortages of masks and gowns in the coronavirus pandemic.

Hand Sanitizer Dillon’s distillery of Beamsville making hand sanitizer and disinfectant amid coronavirus pandemic

Spreading Positivity  A Lake Mills photographer is doing what he can to spread positivity, connect families and document the world we are living in

Students to the Rescue Quebec students offer to do groceries for seniors stuck at home during COVID-19 pandemic

Telsa Pitches In Tesla donates 200,000 masks and helmets 

Feel Good Stories/Announcements/Acts

Blue Ribbons Popping up Everywhere

Marriott Launches Rooms for Responders, Providing Free Rooms to Frontline Coronavirus Healthcare Workers

The Silver Lining of the Coronavirus

Trudeau gives kudos to Kitchener Company for its temporary hospital walls

Random Acts of Kindness

Bagpipe at seniors home – plays for seniors and they open their doors to listen. The doors have automatic closing mechanism and they keep reopening them to hear the music. Creative way to bring some cheer while social distancing

Random Acts of Kindness 

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