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At Bright Ideas Events, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional event planning services that reasons to why clients love partnering with us. Over the years, we have built a reputation for excellence, creativity, and trustworthiness.

Here are 10 reasons why you would love it too!

1. Experienced Event Planning Professionals

Decades of events experience have allowed us to perfect, innovate, and become one of the most influential event production companies even beyond Vancouver.

2. Unmatched Creativity

We have always had an eye for creativity, and we are proud of it. We are always looking for new ways to WOW our guests and clients in every event.

3. Honesty and Transparency

After decades in the events industry, we have maintained a very honourable service. We indulge in transparency in our communication practices and share whether a requested event aspect can be achieved or not.

Gold Bar Gala

4. Deep Industry Knowledge

We are the insiders. We have worked with almost everyone or at least know someone who knows someone. Our point is, we are the true networkers who can source exactly what you need for the best price.

5. Trustworthy Events Partnerships

We have worked with big clients right from the start in 1988. We pat ourselves on the back  for how we have strengthened and maintained these significant client relationships, who continue to work with us to this day.

6. Resourcefulness and Sustainability

We refuse to participate in a wasteful culture if at all possible. So before investing excess money, we reuse and repurposing existing items in our inventory, thereby saving our clients money and being eco-conscious at the same time.

Christmas Around The World

7. Focus on Event ROI

We love it when our clients score a high return on investment (ROI). We strive for that. At our core, we aim to execute the event to the max by a) staying within budget, b) fostering high event engagement, and c) leaving our clients satisfied with the post-event results!

8. Organizational Excellence

Being methodical is our second nature. We are all about being orderly and efficient with our time and our clients. This can translate from strict schedules to Plan B alternatives to budget charts. There is a reason why people claim that time is money, and we agree.

9. Emphasis on Event KPIs

Key Performance Indicators are important to us, and it is in our best interest to ensure our clients track and hit their desired objectives before, during, and especially after an event.

Wild Wild West

10. Event Budget Planning Expertise

We do not play when it comes to budgeting. We have our own system to cut costs to the maximum, by setting clear objectives and dividing them into categories (‘must-have,’ ‘nice-to-have,’ and ‘optional’) while maintaining a 5-10% reserve for emergencies for effective budgeting.

High Tea at Ascot

Bonus: Event Consultation Service

For those who want to take a chance and plan alone, you are in luck as we offer Consulting Event services as well with the one and only Sharon Bonner. Click here to book a free consultation.

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