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Donuts In The Lunchroom

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Are you struggling to make your next virtual event “exciting” and “engaging?”

In 2020, we suddenly, we found ourselves working differently. We went from commuting to the office on a regular basis, to commuting to the dining room table with our fuzzy slippers on. No longer were we grabbing a quick chat with our work colleagues by the water cooler or sitting around a table batting ideas around. Sure, we stayed in contact via email, phone and on videoconferencing platforms, but it just wasn’t the same.

In this E-book, we share some thoughts, insights and tools to bridge the virtual divide, to enhance the element engagement of this two-dimensional communication, and to make teams feel connected and valued again. Dropping a box of donuts on the counter in the lunchroom and sending a company-wide email to “come and get ’em” no longer checks those boxes. It now takes some ingenuity to bring the hearts and minds of our colleagues together, but we promise you that it will be worth it!

Enjoy readingDonuts in the Lunchroom. We hope you find some inspiration to engage your audience at your next virtual event! 


“About the Author

This book was a collaborative effort written during the COVID-19 pandemic with industry friend and colleagues, Kim Beaune. With the sudden urgency to hold all events virtually in the spring of 2020, the need to create engaging virtual events was a necessity. And “Donuts in the Lunchroom” was born!

Sharon Bonner, VEMM is an award-winning Event Producer, Event Strategy Consultant, and Published Author who has successfully operated Bright Ideas Event Agency since 1988. In the summer of 2019, Sharon was named one of the top 20 Meeting and Event Trendsetters by Meetings Today magazine.

In January 2020, she was named by Bizbash Canada Magazine as one of the top 250 Most Influential Event Professionals in Canada. Sharon was shorted-listed in July 2020 as one of the top 72 women (from 1,000 entrants) for the Canadian BMO Grant Program for Women-Owned Businesses. Sharon is currently working on her 3rd book called “The Bright Ideas European Adventure” where she travels through Europe interviewing Event Producers throughout France, Italy, Switzerland and Spain.

Reader Reviews

Sharon is a stalwart in the event industry. Her knowledge of all facets of live, virtual and hybrid events puts her at the bleeding edge of strategy and innovation.

Her latest book is a practical and thoughtful look inside the world of virtual events, which many of us have been pushed into and are now unwillingly wading through. It’s a must-read if you want to avoid the common pitfall of Zoom burnout and instead create events your team and attendees will rave about.

Lara M.

Donuts in the Lunchroom is a great resource for engaging teams for virtual events and it takes you through the steps to create a virtual event.

Lots of great tips and creative ways to inspire you.

Maureen P.

If you are tasked with planning a virtual event and don’t know where to start, Donuts in the Lunchroom is a terrific resource.

I greatly recommend reading it!

Corina W.

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