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AI is all we talk about these days, and for good reason too! Did you know AI can assist you in the process of planning, during, and even after your event? Is this not wonderful? We certainly think it is! This artificial intelligence can aid in many aspects of the event experience, from venue selection to event content to follow-up post-event surveys. Keep on reading to get all the juicy details on how you could leverage AI for your event’s advantage.

Venue Selection with AI

Say goodbye to the old-fashioned way of searching for venues through endless Google searches and physical visits. AI, including ChatGPT with Bing search integration, simplifies this process. Just type in specific venue requirements like “best venue with a rooftop view in Vancouver,” and get precise matches. Further refine your search by asking AI about capacity or other details.

However, remember to verify information like pricing, as not all details are available online. Additionally, look for venues with AI-powered virtual tours for an efficient remote inspection experience.

AI-Driven Event Marketing

Imagine having to do research on your own, of who is your target audience, who will be attending your event, from music taste, food preference to aesthetic. So, having an AI algorithm do it for you in seconds is amazing! It can help to set the tone, and effectively create a more personalized marketing campaign to attract the right people. Like “like bees to honey.” This can reflect in AI optimizing marketing budgets by identifying the most effective channels and times for ad placements and content distribution.

Transforming Event Decor with AI

Have you heard of the new advanced capabilities of Sora for video production? What if we use its from-text-to-design feature to create cool graphics to display via projectors, creating a unique experience? Or use AI to help with brainstorming a theme based on the audience demographics and engagement metrics to suggest lighting, projections, and interactive installations. The options are endless!

Optimizing Changes & Follow-up with AI

Feedback is the best way to go when it comes to events. If you do not know what went wrong or, on the contrary, what went great, how can you improve or invest more in that element that brought so much joy to your guests? Here is where AI comes in. It can process with ease the feedback from real time event surveys and make changes on the fly. AI also analyzes surveys and questionnaires post event and provides actionable insights on what worked well and areas for improvement. This results in more personalized post-event communications, ensuring attendees feel valued and engaged long after the event concludes.


By all accounts, we do not encourage depending too heavily on AI. Yes, it might not make human mistakes, but if you have ever listened to any TED Talks about AI, you would discover that it can successfully complete a task incorrectly, and it very much still depends on our judgment and approval of the task. Just because AI can, does not mean the information or task is accurate, or if it truly understands human nature. Remember, the internet is filled with false information too, and one bug in the system can spoil the whole algorithm. Always verify the information, as it can cost you money if done neglectfully.  

If you are uncertain about using AI, let us take care of all your worries and execute your vision with no sweat. There is nothing worse than being on edge hoping that your AI program will not have a blip during the event. Call us and let;s work together. To book a call with us just click on this link – book here! 

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