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Event Consulting - Our event consulting services help you create a successful corporate event.


Our event consulting services are a perfect fit for companies needing a blueprint to guide in-house personnel tasked with staging a corporate event. Bright Ideas will create a customized and comprehensive design plan and execution strategy for your event, with critical time lines and to-do lists, so you gain the full benefit of our expertise. Our advice and recommendations help you manage every element of your successful event including:

    • Event evaluation – assess needs, define objectives
    • Pre-event marketing-  identify market and target attendees, advice for RSVP and invitation logistics
    • Budget preparatio – review of submitted budget to identify potential issues
    • Agendas – oversee and review event time line and activities
    • Venue Selection – provide guidance and suggestions for appropriate venues
    • Floor plans and room layouts – advise on best lay outs to maximize sightlines, seating, foot traffic flow, etc.
    • Risk managemen – emergency procedures, permits, contingency plans
    • Event operations and logistics – move-in/out scheduling, permitting, licenses, etc.
    • Audio/visual strategies – outline options and best practices for audio/visual elements
    • Catering and food service – menu options and food service timing
    • Entertainment & Activites – suggestions for suitable entertainment and activities based on your theme and intended audience
    • Post-event analysis – review of event to determine event success re: objectives

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