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Global Events Community

In these troubled times when the future is unknown, we wanted to bring event professionals from all over the world together, and solve a problem we were all having: finding reliable news about the event industy, gatherings, and virtual activity ideas. So we created the Global Events Community, and took on the daunting task of looking at dozens of event and public health websites daily to gather current news in our industry. We put it together in one, easy-to-access platform that we can all share, bond over, gather tips and strategies, and rebuild our businesses to come back stronger in the future. The Global Events Community was formed to provide support and inspiration during the current global pandemic. Our mission is to offer resources and information for the challenges we face as an industry. We welcome your contributions to our community, as we collaborate and engage to emerge stronger.

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The Bright Ideas Adventure – 25 Years of Event Excellence

For more than three decades, Bright Ideas has been producing exceptional events for corporate clients across Canada. Our history is an entertaining journey from the start-up dreams of a young entrepreneur to a successful company working with some of the biggest brands in the world. See how we did it and pick up some valuable business advice from company founder Sharon Bonner.

Bright Ideas in the Media

When media and special event publications need reliable information on the ins and outs of corporate events from a respected voice in the industry, they know Bright Ideas will give their readers an informed perspective. Check out what we have to say!


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