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What makes these outdoor event spaces perfect for summer events in 2024? Well, it depends on your event needs. We know better than anyone else that the initial choice of an event space can make a tremendous difference in the impact of your event. That is why we decided to share a list of the best outdoor event spaces and inspire you a little with the type of event you could host there. So, keep on reading!

Nature-Inspired Events 

Event Space #1

VanDusen Botanical Garden 

A beautiful outdoor garden boasting a diverse ecosystem with over 7,500 plant species and varieties from around the world! Its landscapes offer tranquility, making it the perfect event space for a nature-immersed experience. And hey, you might stumble upon some local wildlife, so talk about making it wild.

Event Space #2

UBC Botanical Garden 

A little heaven on earth, with its biodiversity oasis gardens filled with diverse plant life, greenery, and draped in vines for that mysterious atmosphere. Do not miss out on this one as it is most popular during July and August.

Suggested themes:

Green Garden Celebration:

Imagine an event space inspired by the tea party charm of the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland, taking your ordinary garden party to an exciting and magical event. This theme can be quite sustainable, too, as we can use fun dishes and maybe have a potted plant decoration contest that attendees could take home.

Winter Wonderland:  

Winter in August? Definitely a great way to surprise your guests, so transform the garden into a winter wonderland, with snow, blue, white, and silver décor, or take a twist on it by sprinkling a little Paris into the mix, like our ‘Love in Paris’ theme.

Waterfront and Yacht Club Events 

Event Space #3

False Creek Yacht Club 

You heard it, a party on a Yacht, sign us up! With its beautiful marina views, docked on the shores of Vancouver’s False Creek, it is the perfect setting for an exclusive event. The venue features a lounge and deck that offer panoramic views of the waters, providing an ideal backdrop for guests to unwind and connect.

Suggested themes:

High Seas Celebration 

What if we told you that you can have a cruise around the world without having to travel? Well, this theme is all about that. In this event design, we visit different countries such as Mexico, Greece, and Jamaica. After we docked at their port, we experienced their cultural cuisine and entertainment.

How is that for broadening your horizons all the way from Vancouver?

Historic or Iconic Venue Events 

Event Space #4

Terminal City Club 

This venue just screams luxury, with its blend of classic architecture and modern style, perfect for high-profile guests seeking exclusivity while celebrating on a patio overlooking the city life under the stars.

Event Space #5 Brockton Pavilion- Stanley Park Vancouver 

If you are looking for an iconic location, Brockton Pavilion takes the win, with its charm and breathtaking views of Stanley Park. Vancouver is a must for that secluded, intimate vibe which is ideal for corporate retreats.

Suggested themes:

Speakeasy – Roaring Twenties: 

Visualize yourself on a patio dressed up classily as if you were straight from the 1920s, full of adrenaline from consuming illegal alcohol, bribes, doing an old-fashioned jailbreak, and playing at the casino with your best colleagues. That is something to remember, we know that is right.

Wild West Hoe Down: 

Or if the roaring twenties is not your cup of tea, then head down to the Wild West, cowboys! Featuring Klondike-era entertainment with dancing girls and casino games, a wide variety of foods, from dainty finger food to finger-licking good BBQ dishes, all surrounded by décor to recreate an authentic-looking Western town complete with storefronts, boardwalks, and hay bales.

Rooftop Events with a View 

Event Space #6

Penthouse Event & Business Suite 

High above the city with a 270-degree view of Vancouver’s skyline, this terrace would leave some guests speechless. How often do you get to see the city from above? With its panoramic views and exclusivity, it is best suited for upscale, trend-setting events and celebrations.

Event Space #7

Science World Rooftop 

If a futuristic and innovative vibe is right up your alley, then this venue is for you. With massive spaces to accommodate even up to 1,400 guests, a variety of options, and our gem, the green roof patio. This space is best for cutting-edge corporate events, product launches, and science-themed parties.

Suggested theme:

1920’s Soiree:

The 1920’s Soiree event delivered all of the luxurious touches we had planned. Through strategic decisions about the décor, we created a colourful and elegant tableau for guests to enjoy a sophisticated and entertaining event.

Event Space #8

Vancouver Art Gallery Rooftop 

For that artistic touch, The Rooftop Pavilion would be perfect with its featured city views of Robson Square and the Law Courts beyond. It is a versatile and exclusive space with custom hand-carved sliding doors by Arnim Rodeck that recreate the city skyline.

Event Space #9

The Park, JW Marriot Parq Rooftop 

Enveloped by nature, the rooftop Park Terrace is surrounded by the 30,000-square-foot park filled with trees, indigenous plants, and a rippling water feature. Ideal for weddings, receptions, and even luxury car launches, the terrace measures approximately 9,000 square feet.

Event Space #10 The Roof at Black & Blue 

The ambiance calls for a suit and tie at this fabulous location, a restaurant with a lounge, and it is one of Vancouver’s largest rooftop dining, offering a premium experience. So, if you are looking an event space that is for elegance with a touch of glamour, then this location is supreme for gourmet events, cocktail parties, and social gatherings.

Suggested themes:

Las Vegas Casino Night: 

Turn that rooftop into a casino night!! But Las Vegas style, you know how it is: what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!

Shagadelic 60s: 

Just in case you’re feeling a little groovy, then why not hop back into the 60s, get that inner Austin Powers to live, with vibrant 60s theme!

50s Rock n Roll: 

Or for those old-fashioned souls, make it retro with drive-in eats and music against a unique urban backdrop and set a memorable 50s-themed event.

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