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Imagine your favourite event planner suggests using projections to decorate your next event. Doesn’t sound very innovative to you? Well, think again… in 3D! ‘3D mapping’ is a new event trend that is amazing audiences around the world.

Bright Ideas Events_3D Event Mapping_Building Wall Cracking

3D mapping is a special projection technique that allows you to turn almost any surface into a dynamic video screen. Special software expertly adjusts images and videos to fit perfectly on uneven surfaces, meaning you can use 3D mapping almost anywhere. Walls, ceilings, huge buildings, even cars or furniture can become a canvas for advanced animations and graphic . The effects that can be created are quite impressive. Buildings start to move, walls crack and collapse, and different worlds are revealed right before your eyes!

Of course we don’t expect you to just take our word for it. Check out this video showing how the H&M flagship store in Amsterdam used 3D mapping to create the image of a red ribbon that was woven through the building windows. When it unwrapped, a colourful show started. Have a look, it is amazing!

Of course, planning, creating and running a 3D mapping show takes time and money, but there’s a definite pay-off in publicity. You can be sure people will posting videos and pictures of the impressive effects to their favourite social media channels, giving your event marketing efforts a wider reach and the potential for a massive impact if it starts to trend and go viral.

Want some ideas for integrating 3D mapping into your next event? How about using it to create a great first impression for your guests – by changing the outside of your venue to match the event theme? Turn the entrance into a frosty glacier for your next winter-themed party, or take your guests on an adventure in the jungles of Brazil by projecting lush flowers and tropical animals. And of course you can use the same technique as fantastic decor inside your venue as these pictures show.

Bright Ideas Events_3D Event Mapping_Collage_Venue Decor_Beautiful Brazil_Icicle Theme

But 3D mapping is not only décor; it’s also entertainment! This inspiring video shows how 3D projections at a wedding reception were used to create beautiful landscapes and amazing special effects such as swimming fish.

There are lots of ways to incorporate 3D mapping and the marketing effect can be truly amazing. Consider using 3D mapping for your next event and get ready to reap the viral marketing rewards of a crowd-pleasing, cutting-edge trend. Request a quote today and let us help you make your next event a 3D experience!


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