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eco friendly decor for Vancouver Art Gallery event

Are you planning an Earth Day event and are looking for green event examples or eco-friendly decor ideas? You will definitely want to check out this unique edible garden theme that the Bright Ideas team designed for a local industry event in Vancouver. 

The Garden of Eating event was a food station competition with an Earth theme. Along with The Butler Did It Catering, Unique Events and Fast Signs, we designed unique food stations with eco-friendly decor ideal for any Earth Day event!

What are eco-friendly decorations?

Eco-friendly decorations have the lowest environmental footprint while still making a significant impact on your event. There are several different eco-friendly decorations and alternatives that you can incorporate into your event to make it more sustainable. Our favourites include choosing local whenever possible as well as choosing biodegradable or reusable items.

Incorporating eco-friendly decorations into the event design

For the food station design of this event, we chose to go with the most eco-friendly decorations we could find. This meant sticking with local and reusable as much as possible. Living decor such as real trees, live moss and live grass was brought in and chosen as they could continue to grow and be re-used later down the road. With these living items as the base of our design, the food items in the food stations truly stood out. The incredibly talented chefs at The Butler Did It Catering carved food to look like flowers in the grass. By doing so, this intricate detail transformed the buffet table into a living edible garden. 

In an attempt to skip the waste as much as possible for this event, guests were invited to use wicker baskets to pick their food out of the living buffet table. In addition, the catering team chose edible or biodegradable ingredients to present the food whenever possible. For example, the bird’s nest in the tree, used as a food vessel, was entirely edible. 

What to consider when planning eco-friendly decor?

When incorporating eco-friendly decor into your Earth Day event, it is important to consider additional costs, timing or staffing required to maintain your eco-friendly decorations. For example, the moss and wheatgrass used in our design needed frequent misting to keep it looking fresh and healthy. Also, a limited number of food items were displayed at a time to avoid drying out the living elements of the design. Therefore the catering team had to be on top of keeping the table constantly stocked with fresh hors’ d’oeuvres.

The goal of this earth-themed food station was to provide guests with a unique design that had never been done before. With help from an incredible team and hand-selected eco-friendly decor, we transformed the buffet into a living edible garden. This locally-sourced and green event is the perfect event design to get you inspired for your next Earth Day event! 

The Bright Ideas team loves taking a concept and elevating it into a unique design that is an experience for all guests. We’d love to work with you to transform your next event! Contact us today for your FREE event quote for your next event!

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