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Have some fun in the sun with your colleagues. With summer upon us, a Company Picnic is the perfect way to reward the staff of your company. It’s family-friendly, a great way to get together away from the office, and the kind of event everyone can enjoy.

Of course a great Company Picnic requires more than a basket, a blanket, and some potato salad. On-site power, permits, washrooms, tents, tables and chairs, and recycling are just some of the tasks on the to-do list of every picnic coordinator. Don’t add to your workload and stress taking care of logistics. Bright Ideas has been delivering memorable summer events to our clients for over 25 years! We look after the caterers, the entertainment, arranging for a venue, and all the other myriad details that make for a great event, right down to matching themed paper napkins. You get to relax and enjoy an opportunity to strengthen your relationships with employees and their families, confident that every aspect of your Company Picnic will be part of a memorable afternoon.

When should I begin planning my company summer event?

Usually the Vancouver Parks Board accepts picnic bookings in January or February.  Do your research in the fall, so that you are ready to make a booking as soon as the next summer’s reservations become available.

What’s the best time to hold a Company Picnic?

Generally, Sundays are preferred, taking into consideration religious commitments. Most picnics are 4 hours long. The most popular times are typically 11 am – 3pm or 12:00pm – 4:00pm

How do I know how many people will attend the event?

The typical attendance for Corporate Picnics is 60% – 70% of the total invited guests.

What is the biggest mistake people make when planning their company picnic?

They usually don’t give much thought to the event agenda which results in guests sitting around awkwardly with nothing to do. Timing at the event is critical.

Choose from our popular themes such as the Country Carnival, City Slickers Ranch Day, California Dreamin’ Beach Party, Island Fever Tropical Luau, or create your own custom picnic. Want to be involved? We are happy to work with you with our Event Consultation Services. Or, let us take care of everything. Either way, we’ll exceed your expectations, not your budget.

Energize your employees, foster goodwill towards the company, and make your company picnic a highlight of the summer for everyone who attends. Call Bright Ideas today before all the best venues and most popular dates are booked.

Check out our Portfolio and select the “Shuffle” feature to see the various categories. We have all sorts of themes for your next Company Picnic.


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