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With the holiday season ahead of us, we are faced with the prospect of planning the staff Corporate Holiday party from the side of our desk. 

Sounds daunting, doesn’t it? 

But it does not have to be all work! 

Something that is guaranteed to boost morale and team spirit in the office is a good corporate party.

 While it allows everyone to let loose and have a good time, it also has benefits for your business as a whole.

Join us to learn about the benefits of hosting a Corporate Holiday Party in 2023 and how an event professional can help you turn your average event into a high ROI!

Why should you host an internal corporate holiday event?

Creating a high work culture is your key to business success. If you ensure that your employees are feeling included, supported and celebrated, then you can rest assured they will perform optimally at their work.

But sometimes it’s easier said than done…

How to create a good work culture?

We bet you didn’t see it coming but hosting a corporate event in 2023 is a must-do for every executive who wants their business to grow. On the surface, it may seem like the event will cause employees to slack, be tired and fall behind in tasks the day after. In reality, corporate events help to bring your employees together and promote team bonding for your future ventures.

So let’s get into it!

What are the benefits of hosting a Corporate Holiday event in 2023?

Helps employees feel appreciated

A culture of appreciation and acknowledgment is vital for organizational success. A corporate event by the employees themselves fosters a sense of appreciation, motivating them to give back through their work. Experience the power of positive karma at our event!

Through conversation, laughter, or perhaps even dancing, your employees will develop a sense of belonging and loyalty. This means teams will have higher morale, less stress and feel united to work hard and play hard!

Marketing Buzz

Celebrate a successful year by putting your business in the spotlight! Organize an external corporate event for clients or investors to showcase your commitment to quality service. At Bright Ideas Events, we turn every occasion into a celebration and a marketing opportunity. Elevate your business with top ratings, increased community engagement, and stronger client relationships.

Further teams’ professional development

There is a growing trend among the younger generation of workers to prioritize working with an organization that invests in its employees’ personal and professional development. By holding a corporate event or party that helps your team build valuable workplace skills like leadership, critical thinking, and big-picture vision, you would be showing present and potential employees that their growth is important to you, while also elevating the workforce productivity you presently have.

It’s simple. The better educated and qualified your employees are, the stronger your business will be.

So let’s invest in your employees and watch your business’s productive quality grows!

Innovation on The Rise

We hope that by now you realize that Bright Ideas Events is all about innovating. And after 35 years of planning events, we noticed a common theme. Events needed more audience engagement. We  plan innovative corporate events, but our CEO Sharon Bonner, also comes to us with some of her brilliant ideas in those spheres and wins awards for her “Bright Ideas”. 

Donuts In The Lunchroom

Sharon is extremely passionate about bringing your employees together because she has seen the value in it for multiple businesses. That’s why even the pandemic didn’t stop her and she published an ebook, Donuts In The Lunchroom to provide you with all the tools on how to engage virtual teams.

Want to learn more? Check out Sharon’s guest podcast episode on The Gifters

How can we help you plan your next corporate event? Book a Call with us!

Reveal the power of your corporation through hosting a Holiday event in 2023 alongside your award winning event producer/consultant Sharon Bonner. We’ve seen the magic of a good corporate event and we are ready to help you experience it as well!

Check out our event services and Request A Quote today to see how we can make sure your event is the grand success you deserve it to be!


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