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In-person events are irreplaceable, and people are eager to get back to those face-to-face interactions after this pandemic. Although virtual events have become the norm, it was never a question of if in-person events would return, but rather when in-person events would return. Humans are naturally social creatures, and many of us are eager to attend our first in-person event. As we enter this post-pandemic world, we would like to share our top five activities for in-person and hybrid (virtual + in-person) events.


Top 5 Event Activities For Your In-Person & Hybrid Event


A Casino Event Party is everything you need for a night of fun. A complete Casino Themed Party could include all the exciting casino action you can expect from a night on the Las Vegas Strip. For example, you could offer your guests to play all the familiar games, including Poker, Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Pai Gow, Let it Ride, Mini-Baccarat, and even rent slot machines. Alternatively, you could offer your guests a Poker Night or Tournament for an intimate event, complete with prizes!

Casino table at event

Caricaturist Art

A caricature is a type of drawing or illustration that is cartoonish. Many caricatures are drawings of people, but they can also be drawings of places or things. Unlike traditional drawings or portraits, the subjects in caricatures are distorted, and flaws in the subject can be exaggerated. Caricatures are meant to be humorous, and they are often used in comic strips, particularly political cartoons. Good-spirited guests at your event are guaranteed to line up by the dozens to have their caricatures drawn by a talented professional. 

360 Photo Booth

A new entertainment option for your guests is the extraordinary 360 photo booth, available for rent. Guests can stand on the raised platform and create their own slow-motion, 360-degree slow-motion videos or up to six friends. This innovation of the classic photo booth is the perfect option to elevate any corporate event, wedding, or brand activation. 

360 photobooth

Give Back to the Community

You could put an altruistic spin on your holiday party by using it to give you and your guests back to the community. One way to do this is to hold a drive and ask guests to bring in non-perishable food or toys for kids to donate. Another idea is to take guests to volunteer for a few hours and lend a hand at a shelter or soup kitchen. Getting out and doing good will help your guests bond and get into the holiday spirit much more effectively than another Secret Santa gift exchange. 

Experience Virtual Reality

Give your guests an escape from their daily work grind with a virtual reality experience. We especially love how guests can enjoy a wide range of virtual experiences, such as an engaging juggling act and a pop-maverick trumpeter. Of course, you could spice up this activity with competition to make this virtual reality experience exciting. 

Virtual reality at event

Sharon’s Event Tip: Consider adding interactive activities that not only keep the guests entertained but encourage them to mix and mingle.

What should I spend on my in-person activities?

Our answer depends on your budget, event goals, and audience. Speaking with an experienced event professional with decades of experience will help you spend wisely and make the right decisions. 

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