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Welcome to Part 2 of our 4 Part Blog Series! We are pleased to offer our readers insight into the key things we consider when planning corporate events at Bright Ideas. This week will focus on Entertainment.

Choosing the right entertainment is as important as choosing the right menu. Many events suffer because the entertainment disrupts rather than delights the guests. The key is to consider your agenda and your audience. Look at the flow of your agenda. Where are the opportunities to enhance the event with entertainment? During cocktails? Dinner? Later on in the evening? Whatever the time frame, there is the perfect entertainment out there.

Once you have decided on the timing, choose whether you want to include passive or interactive entertainment.

Passive entertainment occurs in the background and interactive entertainment occurs directly with your guests. Passive entertainment works well during dinners, award shows, and receptions. This sort of entertainment doesn’t require the full attention of your guests. It can occur in the background while your guests are enjoying themselves. Some passive entertainment examples might be a Jazz Trio, Harpist, or Cirque-Style Performers.

Interactive entertainment involves your guests and can be delivered in a myriad of ways. In the past we have hired interactive stage performers (illusionists, jugglers, magicians), roving interactive performers and Las Vegas Showgirls and they have interacted with the guest wonderfully!

We personally prefer interactive entertainment as we believe the guests like the “close up and personal” experience that comes when magic is performed right in front of their eyes. Most importantly – preview your entertainment in action BEFORE the event.

 The Entertainment Checklist

Here’s some things we always consider when we are short-listing entertainment options for our clients.

Choose Top Talent – When it comes to corporate events, the biggest ‘make or break’ factor after the catering and venue is the show. Make sure your performers are a good fit for your audience. If budget permits, ensure there is a variety of acts for everyone.

Consider the Space – Keep the room in mind. A young crowd that likes to dance may not be interested in sitting down for an hour after dinner to enjoy a stage show. If you do decide on a feature act, remember, not many people will enjoy standing for a long time, so schedule accordingly.


Know Your Crowd – With many companies having a diverse workforce, a one-size-fits-all approach can backfire – unless you invest in a big-name performer who can wow a crowd. We will often recommend a range of entertainment options over the course of the evening.

Keep it Fresh – You can start the night with wandering performers or low-key team building fun such as Bright Ideas’ PartyHats. Once plates and tables are cleared, you can entertain with a headline act, or bring on a DJ to keep the party atmosphere rolling.

Start Now for Success – Whatever type of entertainment you choose, the key ingredient is planning. The best entertainers are booked early. Give us a call today, or use our online quote request form to find the entertainment that will have guests giving your party a five-star review!

When it comes time to decide on which entertainment you would like to include in your event, call Bright Ideas for our expert advice and event planning skills.  We will assist you in making the best Entertainment choice for your event.

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