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So you’ve been put in charge of planning the office Christmas party and don’t know where to begin because of the pandemic! We want to help you with some corporate Christmas party ideas to ensure this year’s holiday party is not only safe but fun for all!

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First thing first, before sending your corporate Christmas party invitations it is important to survey potential guests. By sending out a survey in the pre planning process you are able to ensure that the style of event planned is one your attendees feel comfortable attending. Once the results come in, you can begin planning accordingly. 

In these ever changing times everyone will have a different comfort level as to attending events. There will inevitably always be those who prefer the in person experience and that is what we love to plan! During the event design and consultation process we take a look at your event and see how we can make the in person experience work for you and your guests. It may be that the in person experience looks a little different this year.

This is where a journey event is useful!

A journey event in the sense of your corporate Christmas party would involve one of two things. Firstly, breaking the event up into different times to attend or dividing the group into smaller sub groups. This style of event is becoming more popular over the holidays season to accommodate employees comfort levels while still being able to enjoy the office Christmas party.

What Would A Journey Event Look Like For Your Corporate Christmas Party?

There are a number of different takes on how your journey event can go about. We will share with you one of our favourites below.

In this scenario, company employees are divided into smaller groups that cycle through a number of different stations or locations. The number of employees in each group will depend on the health and safety restrictions as well as your venue size. We suggest three to four stations, each one with a different purpose.  Maybe one is an activity, the next one is the food and beverage, and the last one is a charity component. This way the entire group shares the same experiences, just at different times. Depending on your group size and budget, these stations can be done at one venue or across several different venues.

Some of our favourite interactive components include photo booths, virtual reality stations and even interacting with themed character actors. While food and beverage, stations can range from appetizers to food stations and even themed cocktails. A fun way to tie together the event across the company is to incorporate prizes for the best team photos or highest scores at different stations. Thus encouraging guests to document their journey throughout the event.

Three Important Things To Consider When Planning A Journey Event

  1. Be sure to accommodate all levels of comfort for guests. Allow guests to choose how comfortable they are to participate and what that level of participation looks like.

2. Keep the group numbers small.

3. Don’t be afraid to add variety to the event. This type of event does not need to be held at one location but can take place over several locations and times.

By dividing the group into smaller groups your corporate Christmas party becomes more manageable. It also allows for a more intimate level of interaction and allows the guests to feel safer. A journey event solves the dilemma of cancelling the in person office Christmas party!

Reach out to see if a journey event is right for you and your office Christmas party. We’d love to provide some consultation and even help you with the planning process!

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