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by Founder Sharon Bonner

Caring Connections is

Personalized Branded Stationery designed

BY Event Professionals FOR Event Professionals

Caring Connections is all about caring when you connect.

I wanted to introduce YOU, my event friends, to our new business CaringConnections, because I think that right now, we all need a big hug and to know that someone cares!

How it all started . . .

In March of 2020 when all in-person events were cancelled due to the pandemic, most of us saw our annual revenue reduced to zero. Having been in the event industry for over three decades, I knew the impact that this would have on my colleagues and the industry that I love. For us, relationships and connections are the foundation of our events.

I became inspired!

It was in the fall of 2020, when most of us had experienced way too many Zoom calls that I had the inspiration to design cards to send to my event friends to cheer them up. I knew that many people were feeling isolated, scared and anxious. I knew this because that’s how I was feeling.

I created messages in my cards that I needed to hear. And then I sent them out to my event friends that needed support and encouragement.

I am initially developing five lines in our Caring Connections Card Collection, with more lines to be launched in early 2022.

Let me introduce our card lines so far…

Caring Connections – Covid Caring Card Line

During the pandemic, many of us lost HOPE. HOPE is what keeps us going.
Hope is the eternal light that encourages us all to keep moving forward.  HOPE is what inspires us to never give up.

Caring Connections – Partner Praise Card Line

So many times our clients praise our work, yet deep down inside we know that we could have never done the event by ourselves. It takes a village to pull off a successful event.

Caring Connections – Client Connection Card Line

Throughout the planning process, there are many times when situations are stressful. Having a client who understands, makes our job so much easier. Some clients are absolutely dream clients! All throughout the planning process, they are positive, helpful and pleasant to work with. 

Thanking You (coming soon)

Congratulation Celebration (coming soon)

I have developed the cards in Caring Connections with the focus being on the EVENT PROFESSIONAL and making THEIR business look good. And the cards are reasonably priced.

I have designed the business model to support charities within the event industry. I want to do everything possible to encourage the recovery of all types of events. A percentage of every card purchased will be donated to an event charity.

Browse through the gorgeous cards and find the perfect card to represent your company. We also offer customized designs if you would like to keep with your brand colors and style. Simply select which card(s) you would like to order, send us your logo and your personalized cards will be shipped to you within 2 – 4 weeks. It’s really that simple.

What matters most is the amazing people who share the same creative drive and unwavering commitment to produce magic for guests attending their events. I want you to look good and spread this caring feeling amongst your own network.

The event industry has truly been a second family for me; a comforting place to call home. If I can leave this community stronger and more resilient than I found it, then I know that I have done my job.

It was all worth it. 

Sharon Bonner

To browse through the cards and order a message that speaks to your audience and brand, click on the link below.


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