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In some ways, creating a spectacular event is the easy part. With the right budget and a talented event producer, amazing results are a simple matter of careful planning and execution. However, getting people to show up can be the real challenge. Without an effective marketing effort it can be difficult to build the ‘buzz’ before the event that ensures a full guest list and lots of positive comments after it’s over. 

But, don’t despair. There are proven techniques to ensure you optimize the return on your event budget – by maximizing attendance and making it easy to follow up. Here’s what you can do:

Theme events continue to be one of the most popular ways to engage and entertain guests. But to get the most from your theme, it must be reflected in every aspect of the event. As an example, Bright Ideas created themed invitations for our Groovy BBQ theme event. From the outset the invited guests could see that creativity and fun were going to be a big part of the event.



The event was well-attended, guests really got into the fun, and our client was delighted with the results. Skip the boring invites. Set the stage for fun and your guests will arrive ready to embrace the theme.

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