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Heather Lockwood, Heather Reid, Sharon Bonner, Sharon Lechner

We are going to ST. Johns, Newfoundland in August to attend the “Find Your North Star Conference” with CanSPEP!

It was early 2019 while we were at the Go West Conference in Edmonton, that we were introduced to CanSPEP. At the time, the organization was strong in eastern Canada and looking to build a presence out west. A few of us event planners in the west decided to join to give western Canada a voice. We were pumped up!

Diane, Heather Lockwood, Sharon Lechner

In August of 2019, we all boarded a plane and headed east to the conference. St. John’s, Newfoundland, is a vibrant city with a rich history and culture. We were all in for such a treat!

Here are some things to do when visiting St. John’s.

  1. Signal Hill – Signal Hill is one of the most popular tourist attractions in St. John’s. It offers a stunning view of the city and the surrounding area. You can also visit Cabot Tower, Which commemorates the first transatlantic wireless communication in 1901. 
  2. Explore the City – St. John’s is a beautiful city with colorful houses, quaint shops, and cobblestone streets. You can wander around and enjoy the atmosphere or take a walking tour to learn more about the city’s history.
  3. Visit the Rooms – The Rooms is a cultural center that houses Newfoundland and Labrador’s provincial museum, art gallery, and archives. It’s a great place to learn about the province’s history, art, and culture.

Be adventurous in St. John’s

  1. Take a Boat Tour – There are several boat tours available in St. John’s that will take you around the harbor and surrounding area. You can see whales, icebergs, and seabirds on these tours.
  2. Visit Quidi Vidi – Quidi Vidi is a quaint fishing village located just outside of St. John’s. It’s a beautiful place to walk around and explore. You can also visit the Quidi Vidi Brewery, which produces award-winning craft beer.
  3. Eat Local Cuisine – St. John’s has a thriving food scene, and there are plenty of local restaurants to try. Some of the local specialties include cod tongues, fish and chips, and toutons (a type of fried dough).
  4. Visit the Johnson GEO Centre – The Johnson GEO Centre is an interactive science center that focuses on the geology and natural history of Newfoundland and Labrador. It’s a great place for families and anyone interested in science and nature.

Overall, St. John’s has a lot to offer visitors, whether you are interested in history, culture, nature or food. 

Sharon Bonner, Sharon Lechner

Learn About CanSPEP

The Canadian Society of Professional Event Planners (CanSPEP) is a non-profit organization that represents event planners and suppliers across Canada. It was founded in 1996 to promote the interests of event planners and raise the standards of the event planning industry.

CanSPEP for events provides a variety of resources and services to it’s members, including education and professional development, networking opportunities, access to industry research and trends, and advocacy for the event planning profession. CanSPEP also hosts an annual conference that brings together event planners, suppliers, and vendors from across Canada.  

Once a year CanSPEP also hosts an annual conference that brings together event planners, suppliers, and other industry professionals to learn, connect, and collaborate. 

Overall, CanSPEP for events is an important organization for event planners and suppliers in Canada, offering valuable resources and support to help them succeed in their profession.

Here we all are in St. John’s Newfoundland on Signal Hill in 2019.


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