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It had been decided months prior to the event by the company owners that they would like to integrate a family reunion into their annual corporate event.  We wanted a theme that would allow the guests from France the opportunity to experience a taste of the West Coast.

We choose a First Nations Theme which we felt would be interesting to both family members and corporate clients alike.  We included a variety of favorite West Coast Activities, décor and entertainment to carry our theme throughout. We selected a refurbished heritage house, Brockhouse, right on the beach overlooking the ocean with mountains in the background.  A breathtaking view to say the least!

The color theme we chose was red; black and white which are the traditional First Nations colors. Exquisite décor adorned the buffet tables and grounds.  Totem Poles, Live Trees, Aboriginal Masks and Wooden Carvings were strategically placed to allow guests the opportunity to view First Nations décor up close.

In order to assure privacy, we had booked the entire venue and grounds to host the event.  The family is Catholic and wanted to host a Sunday Mass lead by a family member who was a priest.  We therefore set up a makeshift Mass area complete with sound system and podium where approximately 100 guests attended Sunday Mass. Out of town guests said it was something that they will remember forever.

We wanted the guests to experience the First Nations flavor first hand so we set up a tent for West Coast Crafts such as Dream Catchers and Wooden Letter Openers. Guests were encouraged to craft their own dream catcher with the assistance of a First Nations Artist or have their name carved into a wooden letter opener by a First Nations Wood Carver.

After lunch, which included a delicacy of Indian Candy (candied salmon), guests were

treated to a very special performance from Native First Nation Dancers, including a descendent of Chief Dan George. The dancers stayed after the performance to share their stories and pose with guests for souvenir photos.

For the children and young adults, we had an array of games & activities.  A Body Tattoo Artist painting West Coast images on guests offered a unique twist to the usual face painting. Other games and activities such as Sumo Wrestling, Jousting, Bocce Ball, Croquet and Horseshoes entertained the guests on the surrounding manicured lawns. Later on towards the middle of the afternoon, guests were treated to an assortment of Ice Cream Bars served in a Refrigerated Ice Cream Cart with Umbrella that rolled throughout the site.

We had set up a Family Tree Presentation inside the house which ran concurrently all day.  Also adjacent to the presentation was a table filled with family mementos and photos.  A large scale family tree chart was placed on an easel for easy viewing.                                                   

This was an event that they would never forget as the memories would live on forever in the digital frames. Call Bright Ideas today to create lasting memories for your next event.


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