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Being an exhibitor at a trade show can be crucial for your business. However good results aren’t just about the size of your booth or your budget.  You can spend a lot of money without getting any results, if you don’t plan ahead. A successful booth requires creativity, smart communication and key decisions. Here are a few tips to make your booth stand out.

The most important thing to think about when participating in a trade show is defining your purpose and having a clear understanding of your objectives. You need to understand who your target audience is, what they want, and how to attract them. To maximize your trade show success, make sure you develop an effective plan ahead of time, with your objectives, target audience, and message strategy clearly spelled out for your staff.

Once you have defined your plan, you can start thinking about your booth. Getting the right location is very important. High traffic areas or corner booth are the best choices. But these booths are also the most expensive ones, and if your company cannot afford it, then no matter where you are on the floor, make your space the place to be! How? By being CREATIVE! Do something different than the average trade show booths and drive traffic to your booth.


But don’t get too crazy. Your booth is the most tangible representation of your company at the show and will definitely affect the way you are perceived by visitors and potential clients. Not only is it important to make a booth eye-catching for customers, it should also be exciting to work in! Your booth design affects your booth staff’s enthusiasm. If your booth looks professional and high end, it will be easier for your staff to reflect this image.

Whether you are well located or not, it is also important to promote your brand effectively. Use strong graphics, compelling displays, and unique signage to help people identify your booth and attract attention. You may also think about having your staff wearing the same company branded clothing to show that your team is cohesive. And don’t skimp on giveaways with your company name and/or logo on it, because most people who attend trade shows are expecting to take home some goodies.

Finally, the biggest consideration of businesses at a trade show is how to ensure the trade show booth generates enough traffic to make the investment worthwhile. It is not about getting the most people to your booth, but about getting the right customers there. Unless you establish a measurement based on an objective, you will not know the best way of driving traffic. With these numbers to consider after the event, you can better assess the ROI of your efforts and ways to build on this knowledge for your next event.

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