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Have you been tasked with virtual event planning but don’t know where to begin? Or how to take your LIVE event virtual?

Bright Ideas is proud to announce that we offer a customizable Virtual Event Consulting Service that will fit your needs and turn your virtual event planning task from a headache to a complete success!

Different packages. A la carte service. Choosing a platform. Virtual event planning and execution. On site virtual event management. Hourly consulting. Whatever you need, we’ll provide it. Our team prides ourselves on flexibility, commitment to excellence and client satisfaction, which is why all of our events are unforgettable experiences. Not convinced? Take a look at what makes us the perfect people to partner up with.

Why Choose Bright Ideas Event Consulting?

Experience. When choosing an Event Consultant, deciding on the right company determines the success of the event. And we have plenty of experience, 32 years in fact. In 1988, Sharon Bonner created her own Event Production company – Bright Ideas Events. Three decades of happy customers, we have rightfully been labeled an industry leader of event planning and management. With an impeccable track record and numerous contacts we gathered over the years, we consistently stage memorable events for our clients. Just like you.

Detailed-oriented. This remains our trademark approach to all of our event planning, be it virtual events or LIVE events. When you request our service, we make sure that no item is overlooked. No detail ignored. No matter how small it seems. Everything is planned down to the letter, from start to finish. And it always goes according to plan.

Our meticulous attention to detail when organizing events isn’t without its accolades. In fact, we have no less than 34 industry distinctions and awards, and counting. But our greatest reward is always our client – you. And when it comes to you, we remain confident in proving our ability by exceeding your expectations and delivering exceptional results.

Our Process

A guided approach. Who better to partner with than people who know the industry inside and out, right? And right now many people are feeling lost and not sure of how to pivot their LIVE event to a virtual platform. However, the fact you are choosing a guided approach of event planning doesn’t mean you are getting excluded and won’t be part of the event planning process. Actually, your requests and input are primary guideposts of our planning, advising and overall event designing. Especially with Virtual Events.

Our team can guide you through the entire process whether it is virtual or LIVE, from start to finish. You can ask to be included in anything from pre-event arrangements to venue selection and on-site organization, and Bright Ideas will happily assist. Together, we’re better.

Success is guaranteed. Whether you need a guide, an advisor or a team of experienced professionals to do it all for you, Bright Ideas is the Event Consultant Firm you are looking for. Our events are customized, planned, executed to perfection and guaranteed to be successful. So, don’t worry about a thing – trust us with the process.

Ready to Go Virtual?

Sound good?

If you already have a date in mind for your next virtual event, contact us to pre-book our services. It will be our pleasure to have you and you attendees enjoy every second of the virtual event we plan with you. Together, we can turn those dreams into a reality – all you need are Bright Ideas experts by your side!

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