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The first day of the 2019 Chinese New Year is February 4th, 2019. This year will be in the sign of the Pig — Earth Pig, to be more exact. It brings plenty of new influences, especially for us in the business world of event organization. What will 2019 bring? What are going to be the strengths and weaknesses of this year and where are the pitfalls to watch out for? Let’s have a look!

Year of the Pig Symbolism
In Chinese culture, the Pig represents prosperity and wealth, which is a signal of good things to come. But other than that, there are plenty of things to like about this sign. Being realistic, enjoying life and working hard are a few of the characteristics of the Pig. When combined with the element of the Earth, we get more stability, growth and practicality — all in a harmonious environment. It symbolizes a prosperous and rewarding year, as long as we can take things in stride and appreciate the blessings we already have.

Pig in the Chinese Zodiac
In the Chinese Zodiac, the Pig is the twelfth animal. There’s a reason for this, according to myth — when the Jade Emperor invited the animals to his party, he said their order in the zodiac would be determined by the order in which they arrived. The Pig overslept, and so it was the last to arrive. However, there’s another version that paints the Pig in a more hardworking light — he was late because he had to rebuild his house which was destroyed by a wolf. This latter version is in agreement with the description of the Pig’s character: energetic, hardworking, and slightly materialistic.

Event Planning in the Year of the Pig
Earth Pigs are social butterflies, which translates very well into the event planning profession. Nurturing relationships and social contacts take precedence above all other activities, and will undoubtedly pay off for those who take the time to build a community that gathers around a common goal. Pigs are natural event organizers who live for entertaining, and events with an underlying theme of celebrating life, nature and friendships are sure to make the best impact. However, to avoid the pitfalls brought on by the Year of the Pig, one must practice discipline and keep their goals in sight at all times.

What Should You Watch out For?
When it comes to luck, the last quarter of 2019 will be a difficult one. During this time, avoid conflicts in the workplace at all costs. It might be difficult for the Pig, as they confront problems directly, and might have issues with taking a step back to look at the bigger picture. The best way to tackle any issues that may arise is by remembering to stay practical and keeping a level head. Patience is a virtue, and that’s never going to be more accurate than ever during the Year of the Pig!

Event planners, prepare to work extremely hard for the highest yield ever! None of your social efforts will go unappreciated, and any time you put into building lasting relationships with others in the industry are sure to make this an excellent year for you!

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