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On March 02, 2017 CEO & President, Sharon Bonner was chosen as one of the Top 50 Women in Meetings 2017.   Given that hundreds of nominations for Smart Women Leaders were received and nearly all of them deserve serious consideration, it was an honor for Sharon to have been chosen.

“These women not only play significant professional roles in the meetings and events industry, but also have achieved excellence in their work. They go the extra mile and they find ingenious solutions to complex problems consistently. Equally important, they feel a passion for their work that is readily apparent to colleagues, clients and everyone else they encounter. Where does this passion come from? Certainly, much of it comes from within, but the always-fascinating industry also feeds it”.

Let’s all salute this energetic, talented bunch—the 2017 Smart Women Leaders!

To read how Sharon got her start in the event industry, click here.

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