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Planning a corporate event? Ask the experts!


If your mind is filled with questions about corporate event planning, Bright Idea’s feature in BIV should help put your mind at ease. In this edition of “Ask The Experts”, Sharon Bonner, CEO & President of Bright Ideas, shares her insights and helpful tips that will help you plan a successful and memorable event.

Whether you are planning a corporate event or a conference, remember that a successful event starts with a clear objective. Defining an objective will later help you measure the results of the event. Also keep in mind that budgets are tighter than ever, therefore decisions can only be justified with positive measurable outcomes.

A helpful tip: define three objectives for your upcoming event. You can focus these objectives on monetary or non-monetary outcomes. Decipher how you will measure these goals and communicate the results with your team.

For whatever type of event you are planning, there are three things to keep in mind: stay focused, stay on budget, and have fun!

For more fabulous tips from Sharon Bonner, read the full article here

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