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A memorable Client Appreciation event helps you stand out from competitors. It shows you care about your clients beyond their portfolio. With a timely and relatively economical approach, client-focused events are a great opportunity for you to solidify your relationship with key accounts. Depending on your requirements, we can arrange a large gathering for all your customers or an exclusive event for a few of your favorite clients.

We recommend incorporating a theme into your event, as it weaves together all of the components. Click here to see a sample of a themed Client Appreciation.

When you connect the event to a charitable effort or other fundraiser, it’s also a great opportunity for building goodwill and raising money for their favorite charity. A Casino Night can make the fundraising a central part of the evening, or for a more low-key approach, hold a raffle or silent auction. Here is a sample of a client appreciation with a casino theme. Also, remember to keep it short. Your clients are busy people! That’s why you like them. Plus, a full house for a couple of hours will be more fun than a long party with guests drifting in and out.

While you can host your client appreciation event at your own offices, unless you have something important to show off at a specific location, such as this facility tour, we usually recommend an off-site event for ease in catering, décor, and lighting and sound load in/out.

One of the most important aspects of your client appreciation is the menu. Some guests may not remember the band or the decorations, but they will surely remember the food.

Here are some tips when planning the perfect event cuisine for your Client Appreciation.

To get an even better idea of what we do, check out the portfolio section of our website. If you’re already convinced Bright Ideas might be the right choice for your next event, please give us a call or request a quote.

Client Appreciation Checklist

If you decide to host a client appreciation night, the next step is making sure that plenty of people show up. Here’s how you can ensure a bulging guest list:

Two months in advance, issue a save-the-date reminder. If your company publishes an e-mail newsletter be sure to include an announcement.

One month in advance, send out an official invitation. Put aside some time for selecting the invitation design. It’s an important piece of this marketing effort. You want to brand your event and create anticipation. Think about the parties you have been invited to attend. What was it that made you want to go?

Two weeks in advance, send out an email reminder specifically for this event. In the email, give all the details of the event and provide a map and directions to the even location.

One week in advance, get on the phone and start calling people. The personal touch at this point could double the attendance and the success of your event.

Bright Ideas Event Coordinators can work with you to handle all aspects of an event, such as creating the invitations, coordinating the email notices, and making appropriate transportation requirements once numbers are finalized. Let us put together a custom price quote for you.

Ask An Event Planner

Should I have a client appreciation for one client at a time, or a group event?

From my experience, hosting a Client Appreciation for all of your clients is the best method. This is actually good for business, as gives your clients a chance to meet other satisfied clients.

Is there a good “parting gift” price guideline?

The parting gift really varies from event to event. Some clients offer expensive leather engraved parting gifts and others offer a customized chocolate object symbolizing the theme of the event. The main advice I give clients is that your guests will leave the event with this impression, so make it something representing your business’ brand.

Should there be any formalities at my Client Appreciation?

Yes. I suggest you keep them short however. Welcoming everyone with a brief address gives the event a personal touch, yet doesn’t impose lengthy speeches on your guests.

Top Three Client Appreciation Tips

1) Time it Right

Unless you already have a time-honored holiday date for your event, consider scheduling it for a traditionally slow time of year, such as February/March, or early Fall, after the school year has settled down.

2) Make it a Family Event

For a general appreciation event, invite clients and their children. Activities with mass appeal such as a day at the skating rink or family BBQ at a regional park offer a different experience from an adults-only mixer downtown.

3) Sweat the Details

For your top clients, go with smaller groups or even exclusive events if you have a primary client or prospect you want to target. Pay attention to details and do a little extra, with a unique twist or trend-setting experience. We can suggest a number of ideas and have numerous awards for our events.

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