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Planning a Holiday Party may seem straightforward, but really it’s not. There’s more to it than renting a venue and handing out Christmas carol lyric sheets. It’s a big job if you want to do it right.

Here are some common problems we often see when companies decide not to hire a professional event planner:
Choosing the Wrong Sized Room – Too small a space makes for a crowded, uncomfortable event. Go too big however, and the room feels empty. Make sure you know roughly how many guests will attend the event so you can book the appropriately sized venue.

Music Volume Matters – Unless your entertainment is the centerpiece of the evening, music is best as a background to the fun and conversation. Make sure your entertainers aren’t so loud that people can’t enjoy each others’ company.

Age Appropriate Entertainment – Age appropriate activities and entertainment are always important, but especially so during the winter holiday season. Make sure there are things for children to enjoy, so parents aren’t stressed out by bored kids, but ensure there’s a bit of grown-up fun beyond just a buffet and a bar. If the event is ‘adult only’, make sure that you provide activities fitting to the demographics of your group.

Leave ‘em satisfied & Full – Nothing leaves a worse impression than running out of food and drink. Of all the event details, this can be the toughest one for the lay person to figure out. It’s easy to under-estimate the requirements and a terrible waste of food and money to throw away large quantities of prepared items. Call Bright Ideas to help you do it right!

Top Three 2014 Christmas Themes

Winter Wonderland

Transport your guests to Jack Frost’s winter palace with white flocked live Christmas trees, icicles, snow drifts, falling snow, frosty drinks, ice bar, and transparent furniture. When the client asked Bright Ideas to transform the venue into a Winter Wonderland, she got just that; a breathtaking winter scene complete with falling snow, ice bars, sparkling white birch trees and snowflake gobos. We even had Jack Frost in attendance!


Snowflake Soiree

Few things are as clean, crisp, and beautiful as light snowfall on sunny winter day. The glistening snow, bright blue sky, and gently falling flakes can warm the heart, even if there’s a chill in the air. For this Christmas Staff Party, we recreated the magic childhood memories of winter with our Snowflake Soiree. From the large scale snowflakes suspended in mid-air, to the beautiful stylized ice and snow centerpieces, elegant lighting, and feature décor, every element contributed to the illusion of a trip through a fantastic winter wonderland.


Christmas Around The World

Many cultures have embraced the Christmas spirit. Show off the holiday traditions of faraway places with a variety of décor, music, food, signature drink, arts and entertainment from our global village. Our client wanted more than a typical ‘Christmas’ party – guests talking shop over food and drink, or worse yet, skipping the event entirely. We delivered, with a pre-event email invite promoting a party not to be missed, opportunities for interactive fun, unique décor elements, and of course seasonal favorites such as a visit with Santa. The result – Winter Around The World, a perfect combination of seasonal celebration, travel, and participatory activities that was an ideal reflection of the clients’ event vision.

Request a quote today, and the Bright Ideas team will be pleased to share our 25 years of experience with you, so your next corporate event is perfect.

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