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Go Green for Memorable Corporate Events

Green is more than just the color of money and success; it is also the most popular trend for any type of corporate event, project, or gala. Incorporating nature scenes in an indoor location for various seminars, meetings, and employee social activities is a reminder to everyone of a company’s appreciation of environmental issues and a commitment to preserving and sharing nature.

When planning a corporate event, going green is a welcome highlight for employees and participants.In addition to an environmental message, many attendees will find that scenes of nature help create a more relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere for any type of indoor gathering. Intertwining natural elements with gala-style events brings Mother Nature’s elegance together with black ties and gowns for a warmer and more pleasant experience.

Most indoor galas and events carry a cold industrial feel. Square ballrooms, uniform table settings, and crisp sterile linens do not always add to a socially inviting atmosphere. Adding natural elements, scenes, and randomized patterns can alter the flows of energy, conversation, and movement to create a gala that will be remembered for years.

Bring the Outdoors In

Our creative event planners have a wide range of experience capturing and recreating natural scenes for indoor events. Using a variety of techniques, elements, and innovative design, they transform ordinary gala ballrooms into extraordinary settings.

Some of the unique and captivating pieces that they are able to recreate for any corporate event include:

Table Centerpieces – Using natural trees, shrubs, reeds, and other plant life helps our expert designers model extraordinary displays that will inspire conversation, thought, and memorable interactions.

Stage Displays – Incorporating larger elements around stages, podia, and screens draws attention and creates a focal point that will capture imaginations.

Entry Archways – Teasing attendees and passersby with a glimpse of what is inside can heighten anticipation and appreciation. Event decorating is not confined to the four walls of a ballroom or conference center and extending the theme draws guests in with mystery and astonishment.

Whether the theme is seasonal or geographic, bringing nature inside is a creative way to spice up the same old company event.


Only Mother Nature can do it Better

Recreating nature is not an easy task. Incorporating natural elements and synthetic models, our expert designers can turn a mundane conference room into a secret garden of wonder. From realistic trees, flowers, and plants to abstract representations of each, choosing a theme that carries a message is an important part of event planning.

Event concepts are not one-size fits all affairs. Every room and every group demand detailed planning and attention. Incorporating natural elements in your company’s next gala, social event, or other function carries a strong green-oriented message. It tells attendees that ecology remains a focus of corporate goals and management.

In addition to a green message, natural elements convey support for a particular region, type of wildlife, or cause. By bringing the focus close to home, it reminds everyone in attendance of the importance of a particular concern.


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