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It’s winter on the West Coast. Which means rain. Lots of it. Instead of getting depressed over dreary weather, brighten your day a little by planning for your upcoming Corporate Summer Event. After all, if you want to ensure that you have a good selection of the best locations, caterers, and entertainers, now is the time to start getting organized.

Here are 5 ‘Event Must Do’s’ for February:


Choose your top 3 dates for the event. Usually the Parks Board accepts outdoor bookings in January or February. Do your research in the fall so that you are ready to make a booking as soon as they are available to reserve. Make sure to avoid long weekends or weekends that have large city wide events or festivals. You don’t need the added competition for attendance. Also, if your guests have children, it might be a good idea to hold your event before the end of school. Once school is out in June, many families take off for summer vacation and aren’t in town.

Select the perfect location. The location should be chosen with the guests you are inviting in mind. Where do the majority of the guests live? It’s best to plan an event in an area that it easily accessible for your guests, as you will get a better turn out if guests can drop by if the event is close to their homes.

Choose a theme. Definitely include a theme because it really makes a world of difference. You can plan your food and décor around the theme, as well as guests can come dressed in the theme and feel like they are part of the event immediately. A theme elevates your event to the next level.

Keep it short. Nowadays everyone is so busy, it’s best to keep the event short and sweet. Years ago we saw the average event last 4 – 6 hours, but now the length of a typical Summer Event is 2 – 4 hours. It’s better to have an action packed agenda, rather than drawing out the activities to fill the time you have scheduled.

Choose wisely. Make sure to match your activities and entertainment to your guest demographic. It’s not a good idea to include a bouncy castle if the attendees don’t have many children. There’s nothing worse than a boring event with nothing to do, so be careful that you don’t fall into this category.

An entertaining BBQ has to have more than just burgers and buns. Without an interesting theme or activities, your guests are left with awkward small talk or even worse, office gossip. Not a great way to ensure a memorable event. Make sure you have a plan and a balance between entertainment and activities so that your guests have plenty of things to choose from.

Of course a great company event requires more than a basket, a blanket and some potato salad. On-site power, permits, washrooms, tents, tables and chairs, and recycling are just some of the tasks on the to-do list of every Outdoor BBQ coordinator. Don’t add to your workload and stress taking care of the logistics. Bright Ideas Events has been delivering memorable Summer Corporate Events to our clients for over 27 years now. We look after the caterers, the entertainment, booking the venue, and all of the other myriad details that make for a great event, right down to the cute themed paper napkins. You get to relax and enjoy an opportunity to strengthen your relationships with your guests, confident that every aspect of your event will be part of a memorable afternoon.

Call Bright Ideas today before the best green spaces and popular dates are booked. This year plan to ‘enjoy’ your event instead of working at it. You deserve it!


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