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Apple’s with it.

FujiFilm’s with it.

Kravet, Keurig, and Kitchenaid are with it.

Isn’t it time your company got with it? We are talking about the 2016 Colour of the Year, of course!

This year’s colour is actually a dual-tone, the first time in history, and North America’s companies are falling over themselves and each other to be the first ones to get creative and launch this year’s product and ad line-ups with this trending new colour duo.

If Rose Quartz is a beautiful light pastel blush pink, then Serenity is its perfect match in the blue spectrum. And when used together, they create the perfect set: his and hers; warm and cool; passion and ease; energy and relaxation; dawn and dusk; beginning and end.

With this range and flexibility and limitless creativity of application, it’s no wonder everyone from tech and print to home decor and high fashion are finding themselves inspired and invigorated by this year’s ‘Colour of the Year’, and no matter which field your company is in, so can you!

Bright Ideas Events - 2016 Colour of the Year (1)
Bright Ideas Events - 2016 Colour of the Year (3)
Bright Ideas Events - 2016 Colour of the Year (5)

The simplest, and perhaps the loveliest, way to use Rose Quartz and Serenity colours at your next corporate event is to design them into your fresh floral arrangements. Blush pink roses, Gerber daisies, cherry blossoms, or camellias paired with forget-me-nots, rodos, tulips, or delphiniums would make anyone want to sneak a centrepiece out at the end of the night, or at the very least, to lean in for a long sniff of appreciation.

This dual-tone theme can play a larger role in your event design by splashing the colors lavishly everywhere such as on the tables by using luxurious linens in one tone and the napkins or chair covers in the other. Or add a seriously impressive element of drama and leave your guests talking about the way you artfully used professional lighting to accent the walls, pillars, ceilings, and floors with a sleek diamond break-up pattern in blue or a rich damask pattern in pink.

But nothing showcases your event’s theme colour like skillfully incorporating it into the Event Brand which will appear on invitations, signage, posters, and even guest gifts. Imagine branded goodie-bags filled with pastel pink and blue keep-sakes such as blue and pink macaroons, customized candy, colored soaps or bath salts.

So, whether your next corporate event has 30 guests or 300, whether it’s an AGM or company picnic, Rose Quartz and Serenity can be tastefully incorporated into your corporate colour scheme, adding a ‘touch of trend,’ or used all on their own as the colour theme cornerstone, demonstrating how stylish and ‘with it’ your company is. Call us and we’ll start planning your event today!


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