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I’ll bet you didn’t know that, even in the Event Producing world, we’re very competitive.  Every year, several industry organizations host competitions into which Event Planners can enter a recently completed events as we did with Rock N Roll BBQ on the Beach.  There are plenty of categories, such as Best Décor, Best Lighting, Best Marketing, and Best Wedding.  Bright Ideas can claim several feathers in our cap, having won in multiple categories over multiple decades, establishing us as one of the Premier Event Producers in Western Canada.

Best Event Produced for a Corporation

This week, we’re going to tell you why our Rock N’ Roll BBQ won us Best Event Produced for a Corporation.

A competition category such as Best Event for a Corporation considers all aspects of the event, not just a certain element, such as décor.

So to win this category, Bright Ideas must have not only done a great job in all possible aspects of this event, but done so better than anyone else!

Impressing The Judges

Here are a few examples of how we ‘Wowed’ the judges with our detail and creativity, and came home with the win!

We packed this event with 1950s imagery.  Guest table centerpieces were electric guitar balloons.  Tents were crowned with oversized musical notes and real LP records.  We installed a 20’ x 20’ black and white checkerboard dance floor, just like in old 50s diners.  Event staff added to the overall look by wearing poodle skirts and ankle socks or jeans and t-shirts with cigarettes rolled up in the sleeves, essentially becoming walking décor.

We even brought in several authentic period collector vehicles in mint condition that acted as both a perfect 50s-inspired backdrop, but also as an awesome photo opportunity for all those American Graffiti fans out there!  Can you guess which models we got?

Our activities were equally filled with 50s fun.  Guests could decorate their own chiffon neck scarf or horn-rimmed glasses to add to their costumes.  We brought in an open-concept photo booth and provided hilarious 1950s props to spice it up, like oversized cat-eye glasses and neon pink bob-style wigs.  And what screams 1950s like cotton candy or an ice-cream sundae!  Guests could get their digits sticky digging into a cone of the candy floss, or conjure up their own confectionary creation by adding candy pieces, whipped cream, and sprinkles to their afternoon cool-down treat.  Finally, as guests came in costume, we hosted a Costume Contest complete with great prizes, meaning even the guests’ attire became an activity, getting everyone involved and excited about the theme.

1950’s Rock N Rock BBQ Entertainment and Activities

The 1950s offer no shortage of great entertainment!  Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, and Johnny Cash impersonator bands kept that black and white checkerboard dance floor hopping all day.  And when they weren’t getting guests jittering and jiving, they were making them giggle and twitter by photo-bombing guests’ pictures!

To add a sense of purposeful cohesion across all of these event elements, we chose the colour pink, as in cream-soda pink, as in Hubba Bubba pink, as in Pink Lady pink, and we put it everywhere!  In the event signage, in the chiffon scarves that guests could decorate, in the inflatable guitars at those guest tables, in the colour of the cotton candy, and even in those wigs guests could don as a prop at the Sock Hop Photo Op.

But finally, and perhaps most importantly, an entry submission into the award category Best Event Produced for a Corporation must include a reference letter from the client.  Our letter talked about how Bright Ideas thought of everything.  How we made hosting such a theme-specific and detail-oriented event not only easy but fun!  How our client could see how much her guests enjoyed themselves at this family-friendly affair.  And how she can’t wait to begin working with us again on the next one.  Talk about credentials to win the category; this client was positively over the moon, adding to our chances of capturing the win, as well as a having a very happy repeat customer!

Producing Award-Winning Events is what Bright Ideas has done for 30 years.  Be it the 1950s or any other decade or theme, call us, and we’ll bring your next corporate event with us all the way to the top.  Industry award wins aside, when all of your guests have huge smiles on their faces all day long because you hosted such a great event, that’s a massive win by any standards!


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