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It’s true.  Week after week we tell you about the award-winning corporate events Bright Ideas has been producing for 30 years.  But we’re not hired just for Annual Staff Christmas Parties, Grand Openings, and Client Appreciation Events.

Private Events

Bright Ideas does Private Events, too, and with all the professionalism and experience we bring to the table, our clients are always exuberant with praise at the calibre of their party!

Not long ago, a lovely woman was about to turn 70, and she was so loved by her circle of friends that they decided to throw her a surprise birthday party at her favorite Country Club.

And because they wanted it to be perfect, they hired Bright Ideas to bring all of the little details together to create one, spectacular birthday bonanza!

We put our industry-leading methods to work.  The Birthday Girl, Diane, just loves the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas, so the theme was an obvious choice – Viva Las Vegas!  Craps, poker, roulette, blackjack, and Diane’s favorite, slot machines were in attendance.  Knowing that not everyone in the crowd would already be a gambling pro like Diane, we arranged for the first two hours to be instructional only.  The dealers were teaching the players how to beat the house!  There were a handful of prizes that were so coveted that there was a purchasing frenzy in the minutes before each prize draw.  It was so much fun to watch the draw winners claim their prizes and gloat!

Showgirls Galore!

What kind of Vegas show would it be without Showgirls?!  Young women in full stage regalia roamed through the gambling crowds to pose for pictures and sell candy cigars and cigarettes, as well as armbands from trays slung over their shoulders.  Their costumes were so beautiful and their smiles so bright, you felt like Showgirls in Las Vegas had come to Vancouver!

The Viva Las Vegas evening was rounded out with a rousing performance by a Tina Turner impersonator who was simply divine!  Complete with costume changes and some playful, in-character banter with the crowd, Tina performed everything from Proud Mary to What’s Love Got to Do With It? and all of the greatest hits between.  Not only did she get the audience dancing and singing along, she got the Birthday Girl up on stage for an inspiring duet, which left everyone laughing and left Diane with a precious memory of singing onstage with Tina!

However, delivering a fun theme is not why our clients hire us.  A Bright Ideas event is planned right down to tiniest detail.

We customized an event brand based on the dials of a slot machine, but instead of ‘777’ being the winning spin, it was ‘070’ in honour of Diane’s birthday.  Then, we put it on the name tags and on all of the signage.

A Lucky Birthday Cake

We even had a vegan, gluten-free cake made (Diane’s dietary preference, of course!) in the shape of a slot machine, complete with a moving pull handle, and put the event brand as the face of the machine.  And just to make sure everyone knew they were in Vegas, we had a replica of the cake made as a three foot tall ice sculpture with lime green uplights – Diane’s favourite colour!  What charm!?!

So if you have an event coming up, a Birthday Party, a Celebration of Live, or a Wedding Reception, and you want it to be clean, perfect, and have a well-rounded theme, call Bright Ideas now and we’ll put our award-winning methods to work on your next Private Event! 


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