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Office rumors spread like wildfire, especially on the downside of winter when company morale may be ebbing. That’s why immediately after New Year’s is the best time to begin organizing a summer event.

Sunny corporate picnics, outdoor retreats, and team-building events can be just what any business needs to carry everyone through the last months of winter. Summer events are more than just July and August morale boosters. When employees hear news of the next big summer event in the work, it can brighten a late winter day.

Many companies that come to us ask when the best time to plan their summer activities is. The answer is simple: as early as possible.

Outdoor venues begin opening their reservation books in early January, and there is always competition for the best available dates. For companies that wait until April to plan a June function, there may be few choices. Outdoor corporate events are effective ways to emphasize teamwork, focus on company goals, and reduce stress around the office.

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Planning a group activity early lets staff know that they are thought of and appreciated and gives everyone from clerks to CEOs something to look forward to for the summer. A great company event can leave employees talking about memorable functions for months.

Create Events that Accomplish Goals

Very frequently, small businesses and large companies alike are relying on outdoor functions as a cost-effective and fun way to bring the extended corporate family together. Let our creative and professional planners assist with a variety of successful group events like:

Picnics – The most important thing to remember about a company picnic is that everyone sits around the lunchroom or cafeteria fifty weeks a year. Make it about more than a meal and be sure to plan games, competitions, and social interaction to get employees and family out of their comfort zones.

Sports and Games – Keep competition friendly and fun because during an outing, the goal is not to win or lose. Sports and games should focus on teams and problem solving and should include awards for everyone — not just the champions on the field.

Scavenger Hunts – The ultimate in fun and creative group activities, make searching for hidden treasures, rewards, and prizes challenging. The more thoughtful a scavenger hunt is, the more team members will have to rely on each other and a variety of talents and problem-solving skills.

Give Something Back – Nothing emphasizes a company’s community involvement like volunteering. Combine a corporate outing with a worthwhile volunteer activity that each employee can contribute to with a personal skill. When the event is over, everyone will share and appreciate more than memories when they see their group accomplishment.

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Planning a great event depends on early scheduling and attention to details. Last minute company events leave an empty and hollow sense of umbrage among employees. Taking the time to talk with an event planner, schedule early, and make the most of a corporate outing lets every employee know that they are appreciated and valued. Don’t be the company that waits until summer is booked. Contact our professionals to schedule a summer outing that the entire office will remember!


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