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High Tea at Ascot” was a day fit for Kings and Queens. Guests arrived dressed in their best High Tea attire and were given a Racing Program for the Main Event. Activities included Royal Nail Art, Ascot Fashion, Her Majesty’s Artist, The Tea House and Ascot Memories with the most popular of all being the hilarious Horse Races on Stick Horses. On your mark… get set… go!

Above is a description of a very successful Company Picnic we produced for a client. It was a magical day fully customized which combined “High Tea” with “Horse Racing”. Below is a step-by-step guide on how you too can plan the perfect Company Picnic.

Step One: Location

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Choose a location close to where the majority of your guests live as the event will be held on the weekend. Factor in transit routes, or consider options such as taxi vouchers or a shuttle bus. It’s best if you can secure a private picnic area for your group, rather than mixing in with the public. It feels more intimate and is easier to control things.

Step Two: Theme

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A theme gives you a ‘hook’ and encourages people to have a little fun by coming in costume. Picnics offer a wealth of possibilities – from casual summer fun at the beach to a classy croquet tournament on a manicured lawn. Carry the theme through from the invitation to the décor, food, activities, and entertainment. To the left is a photo of the Bright Ideas staff in full costume.

Step Three: Activities

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Consider your guests and their interests. Design activities to involve everyone. An active workforce might enjoy a company softball game. Some friendly team competition creates bonding within the organization and builds lasting company morale. A picnic at a water park keeps kids entertained, so parents can relax, while a mixed crowd may be more than happy to simply enjoy good music and great food.

Step Four: Entertainment

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Choose entertainment to complement the activities. Do not include interactive entertainment that competes with other activities. Schedule the entertainment and activities in such a way that there’s always something going on rather than a bunch of things all happening at the same time.

Step Five: Food

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Barbecued chicken, ribs, burgers, or hot dogs are all natural choices, but don’t forget to include lots of vegetarian options. Beware of foods that spoil quickly in the heat, or make sure there’s adequate refrigeration for seafood, mayonnaise-based dishes, or popsicles, ice cream, etc. Cookies, lemonade and watermelon are sure winners!

An outstanding Company Picnic has to have more than just burgers and buns. Without an interesting theme or activities, your guests are left with awkward small talk or even worse, office gossip. Not a great way to ensure a memorable event. Make sure you have a plan and a balance between entertainment and activities so that your guests have plenty of things to choose from.

Bright Ideas has lots of experience on how to match the activities with the group dynamics so Contact Us or Request A Quote today to plan your next successful Company Picnic!

Smiles all around. Another successful Bright Ideas company picnic!

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