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It’s winter on the West Coast. Which means rain. Lots of it. Instead of getting depressed over dreary weather, why not brighten your day a little by planning for your corporate summer event to boost your spirits? After all, if you want to ensure you have a good selection of the best locations, caterers, and entertainers, now is the time to start getting organized.

Here are four fabulous Summer Themes to celebrate in the sunshine!


Crazy for Carnivals  – It’s like your own private county fair, complete with cotton candy, carnival-style games, clowns, corn dogs, stilt walkers, caricaturists and of course… mini-donuts! Test your luck at the “Ring Toss” or “Down a Clown”, win big and trade up your prize at the Prize Table for a big stuffed animal. It’s easy as pie to turn your company parking lot into a Crazy Carnival. Step right up and take test your strength on the Bell Ringer!


Western Round Up – Love the wild, wild west? This theme not only offers mouth-watering burgers, barbecued chicken, corn on the cob, and all the fixings but lots of rodeo fun. You can also enjoy the light-hearted games such as cow-milking and roping contests, mechanical bull rides, western relays, and scavenger hunts. Country and Western music, and great decor, from the hay bales and wagon wheels right down to the red checkered table linen make this event a rootin’-tootin’ good time. Home…home on the range.


Gardening Contest – Have a green thumb? Invite your guests to get the chance to show off their planting skills at your Gardening Picnic. After selecting their own personal basket and decorating it with their creative flair, guests can “shop” for plants to add to their basket. Adorable gardening sets make great gifts for the best decorated plant baskets. Now tell me who doesn’t like to take home their very own plant basket that they designed themselves? What a great way to celebrate being Green this summer!


Rock ’til You Drop – Everybody loves the 1950’s. And what is a Rock n Roll experience without Antique Classic Cars, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley and Creative 1950 Crafts & Activities? How about some Drive in favorites like Old Fashioned Sundaes and Ice Cream Floats? The hit of the party will be decorating your own Cat Eye Glasses & Chiffon Scarves. And don’t forget to have a Dance Contest on the black and white checkered dance floor to see who has the best jive moves next to Elvis of course.


Whatever theme you have in mind this summer, Bright Ideas can assist you in making your theme come to life!  To view more of our themes, visit our Portfolio section on the website.  And Request a complimentary Quote today.  We are the idea people who have thousands of “Bright Ideas” to share with you

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