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Sustainability is an important issue for most companies nowadays. They are trying to save energy and recycle whenever possible. And when corporations place a high importance on being sustainable, event planners should do everything they can to plan as green an event as possible — to align with the company’s green goals.

From conference, to Christmas parties or trade shows, any event of any size can be successful and sustainable. Here are some proven green event tips to take your next event to the greener side of life.

Choose a Green Venue

Keep convenience and global warming pollution in mind when picking a location. It should not be so hard, as many venues incorporate sustainability practices into their business. Concerning accommodations, try to find hotels that are within walking distance of the event venue or near public transportation. Provide free passes for public transit and if taxis must be used, choose companies with hybrid vehicles.

Go Local

Use organic, locally produced food and beverages, gifts and rentals to cut transportation emissions. Pick a green caterer or restaurant that provides food from a local farmers’ market. Also, make arrangements with a local food bank to pick up any leftovers at the end of the day. The local economy will thank you for this one!

E-vite Your Guests

Focusing on cutting back all waste includes invitations. Emailing invitations saves paper (and money). Communicate via email, social media, text messages, phone calls and word of mouth, and use as little paper as possible during your event. Forget about paper registration and set up online registration instead.

Decorate/Design Naturally

Decorations and centerpieces should all be reusable and compostable. Try using “living” décor such as moss, stones and succulent plants. For one of our events, we created a reusable tree tabletop as seen in the picture.

Make Recycling Easy and Save Energy

Make recycling easy by setting out clearly labeled recycling bins for items such as bottles, paper and cans. Also, arranging with the venue to limit the use of lights and air conditioning when the rooms are not in use can be a simple but effective request. Holding your event outside is also a great idea to save energy. Of course it is not always feasible, but in the nice weather you should always consider an outdoor option which requires neither heating nor air conditioning.

There are a lots of other great ideas for making events more environmentally friendly. If you want assistance with an eco-responsible event, or need more information before choosing a sustainable special event, please contact us or take advantage of our easy-to-use quote request form. We’d love to help you find the best ways to incorporate sustainability into your next special event!

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