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With over 9.5 million French-speaking people living in Canada (1/3 of the population) and thousands of French people applying for a Canadian visa every year, French influences are a big part of this big country.

Legendary for romance and beauty, chic elegance, and delicious food and wine, France is an enduring source of inspiration for event planners.  A French theme event is a great choice if you want a truly memorable event for your guests. Moulin Rouge Can-Can dancers, towers of macarons, and wine tasting activities – here’s a look at great ideas to bring French savoir faire to your event.

Appreciation for great food is perhaps the most familiar aspect of French culture. Whether it’s fine dining or a simple picnic, quality ingredients and attentive preparation are essential factors in a French repast. Embrace this by offering goat cheese toasts with caramelized onions, cheese platters, delicious canapés with salmon and pastry base, Kir royale, colorful macarons, there’s so much to choose from French cuisine. The choice is wide, don’t hesitate to be creative! And use French words, “amuse bouche”, “mignardises”, hors d’oeuvres…Bon appétit!

Don’t forget to pair this great food with great wine. Here again, France is the country you need. From Bordeaux, to Burgundy, Loire Valley or Languedoc, France offers a wide range of great quality wine.

Life is too short to drink bad wine is a typical French saying, and the French do enjoy consuming moderate amounts of good wine with their meals, noon and evening alike. You can organize a wine tasting activity led by a sommelier providing a sampling of the French wines to be tasted, and then explain the “rules of the game.” The group will be divided into four or five teams with teams competing in a variety of competitions.  Each member of the winning team will receive a prize. The activity is a perfect team building exercise because it requires direct communication within the team, which will have to add up their sensorial memories.


french tulip2

To entertain the guests with a Paris feeling, consider some Accordion Players, Mime Artists and Can Can girls. For decor, once again you have a wide range of choices, including Eiffel Tower Centerpieces, old Vintage Bicycles or Cars. Put lush natural flowers everywhere, like those great French Tulips below in a tall centerpiece for a great impression on your tables.

Offer berets and red silk scarves, and ask your guests wear black and white Breton striped tops. Create a “cliché” photo booth with baguettes, moustaches and as we say in France, Bon voyage!

France has this “je ne sais quoi” which will make your event unforgettable. A blog post is not enough to talk about all the ideas and inspiration you can get from this beautiful country. French theme event or not, don’t hesitate to check out our Pinterest boards for more inspiration and ideas for your next event.

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