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We have always considered Brazil to be a beautiful place on earth. When we think about Brazil, we think about wonderful beaches, lush jungles, music full of joy and hot rhythms, and of course, Carnival. Now with the 2014 FIFA World Cup approaching, the reputation of Brazil is enhanced and the country hopes to solidify its reputation as a global up-and-comer.

No wonder then that Brazil is inspiring event planners in 2014 to create events that promise an unforgettable experience. We’re suggesting the “Carnival Theme” to our clients as an ideal theme event option this year.  It is a unique and thrilling theme, allowing us to harness our creativity as we transport guests to a far destination without even leaving the city.

To begin with, there is the amazing decor, which transforms an ordinary venue into a Brazilian Carnival Celebration. Tall centerpieces in the middle of the tables are a great idea. They make a stunning impression and are an eye catcher, yet will not intrude during dinner, as they are above guests’ heads. You can add masks, ostrich feathers, or a sparkling image of the sky as seen in the picture above. There are many other ideas for decor to consider as well – such as draping the ceiling with colourful linen or using the Brazilian colours – green, yellow and blue, for ambient. Just like the marvellous floats and costumes of a Carnival parade, creativity and spectacle are the hallmarks of this theme!

Costume 1
In fact, why not start the event with a Carnival Parade? Even if your event takes place in a relatively small venue indoors, a small parade will be an exciting beginning for your Brazilian event. The parade sets the tone and provides a platform to build upon.  Include lots of colourful performers, upbeat music and exciting entertainment. By the end of the parade the guests should be energized and completely immersed in the Brazilian theme.

Costumes are a big part of a Brazilian Carnival event. Event staff can wear carnival feather headdresses to fit in with the theme. The guests can also be encouraged to wear a costume item that gets them into the spirit of the  theme. How about offering a mask or some feathers? The fun and the excitement will begin at registration as guests select their own personal Brazilian adornment.

brazilian churrasco restaurant
For the menu, typical Brazilian foods  and beverages offer many choices. “Churrasco” is the famous Brazilian version of barbeque, which will be a delicious experience for everybody.  Sweets and vegetarian, chicken and fish dishes also make up the national cuisine. You can serve “Feijoada”, a traditional dish with pork and bean on a gorgeous Brazilian decorated buffet table. Brazilians love beer, so this drink would definitely fit the theme. You can also serve cocktails such as Caipirinhas.

When it comes to entertainment you should definitely play traditional Brazilian music, such as the exotic Samba. People love listening to it and it is also perfect for dancing. To make your event even more authentic, hire Brazilian musicians to deliver an amazing visual and musical experience for the guests. And to add to the fun you can set up an opulently decorated photo booth with ornate accessories for the guests to use in fun poses.  Guests will not only have a great time at the event but also go away with some souvenir photos to remind them of the fabulous time they had. Brazil is beautiful and so are Bright Ideas’ corporate events! Call us or request a quote and we can recreate the beauty and passion of Carnival for your next theme party.


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