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A traditional summer theme such as a Western BBQ is a safe choice. But if you are inviting locals from around BC and Canada, chances are it won’t have the impact you’re looking for. When you’re trying to impress a sophisticated clientele, or break away from the ordinary, it’s time to let your imagination wander around the world. Add spice to your summer event with a theme set in an exotic or unusual locale. A great place to start is with the venue itself. Convention centres, hotels, restaurant private rooms are great, and often the right fit for the occasions. But if your guests are looking for something new, consider some creative options. It might be a train station, an airplane hangar, or a gallery or museum. Whichever venue you choose, décor, cuisine, and entertainment can complete the illusion. At Bright Ideas we regularly transport guests to faraway places with creativity and imagination.


And, if you are looking to host corporate events around the world, forget about the established global economies such as the US and Europe. New and emerging markets, like Brazil, India, China, and South Africa are great locations for corporate events, to experience something truly different, out of the ordinary. Each of those colourful countries has its own unique charm, with the bonus of competitive prices and fresh cultural experiences.


But if you don’t have the budget to plan an event in Brazil, you can always bring Brazil to your event creating an experience people will never forget. Traveling is not just about moving from a place to another, but also from one moment to the next, one atmosphere to a completely different one.

Activities and performers are the key elements in creating a truly exotic atmosphere. From the snake charmers to samba bands, Capoeira performers, or Bollywood dancers, an exotic atmosphere is a chance to give your imagination free rein. Your guests will be amazed by a Spice Market, an exotic Tea House, or some innovative Henna Body Art.

Food is a great way to bring the exotic to any event. Try something unusual, but make sure it’s a safe choice. Insects might be too exotic, but there’s plenty of options before you offer guests grasshoppers kebabs! A Moroccan meatball tagine with lemon and olives, or shrimp and avocado cocktails are great alternatives, using products your guests love, but cooked and prepared in an exotic way.

Whatever your theme will be, and wherever the event takes place, innovation and exotic ideas will make a great impression on your guests. Call Bright Ideas Events today to add the exotic to your event plan.


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