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When creating a successful corporate event, three elements are crucial — the menu, decor, and entertainment. That’s why we’re always interested in the latest trends for these three elements. We believe the ideas highlighted in this blog post will be big hits this summer.

Food and Drink

Craft beer
It’s more than a passing trend. These days guests expect to be served local foods and beverages at events. They not only want to eat healthy food, but also feel it’s important to support local agriculture and vendors. This summer, people want to enjoy burgers made from organic Canadian beef, while enjoying a local beverage. That puts so-called ‘craft Beer’ in the spotlight. According to The Vancouver Sun the BC craft beer industry is experiencing strong growth and showing no sign of winding down. We can all support those local microbreweries and the local economy, by including their fantastic beers at our events.
Along with local food, beers, and wines, mini-meals served up in spoon-sized mouthfuls and various food stations spread around a venue are another trend, inspired by tapas-style dining and leading away from the traditional sit-down dinner or buffet. Speaking of innovative dining, when we plan an event outdoors, we highly recommend Food Trucks. They are really trendy and cool and are now serving upscale food at our corporate events and even weddings.
Food Station 3


Centerpiece 1

Centerpieces are taking center stage in 2014! We use imagination and creativity to design centerpieces that stand out. We love the ones in the picture on the left. Made of candy and flowers, they combine two things we love the most!

Interactive centerpieces at events are very popular. Canvas tablecloths and colourful felt pens give guests the chance to contribute to the decor and be creative. We think it is so much fun! Some events present high-tech concepts, where tables are used to create animated centerpieces. Whatever centerpiece you chose, it’s most important is that it reflects the event theme at every table.

Another decor trend for the summer is Marquee Signs. Mainly popular at weddings, we suggest using them for corporate events as well. Why not have the company initials in big Marquee Signs as part of your decoration? Or use them for indicating where food stations are located as shown in the picture on the right? We think Marquee signs are fabulous!
Marquee Sign Eat


This summer will be all about interaction. We already mentioned how great it is to include guests in creating decor, now we want to talk about entertainment. Guests should not only be entertained but also encouraged to participate. Photo booths, games, and activities bring a sense of play to your corporate events and give guests the opportunity to mingle. If many of the guests do not know each other, interactive games are the perfect way to get them meeting and making new connections. One of the fantastic game options we have already discovered this year is oversized ‘Jenga’ at outdoor events. The guests loved it and we think it will bring great fun to corporate events this summer.

oversized Jena

Another great idea is mural painting. Guests each paint a small square in a ‘community canvas’. The results are inspiring and impressive. Not only do the guests have fun unleashing their artistic side, they can also admire their art every day at work, if the company decides to hang it up at the office as a reminder of the event. It has a great team-building effect and is a great source of motivation.

We think that the Summer 2014 has a lot to offer and we cannot wait to showcase these trends! Let us plan a fantastic Corporate Summer Event for you. Call us today at 604-303-7707 or request a quote.


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