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Movies are a great inspiration for theme parties. But are you looking for something fresh? How about less Hollywood, more Bollywood? India’s rich culture is a great starting place for a beautiful themed event. It is a colorful country, from its food to its dress, vibrant colors abound and play a huge role. There are several ways to incorporate an Indian theme into food, decor, wardrobe and activities at a corporate event.


To create typical Indian decor, use colorful fabrics in rich colors, textures, and designs – to decorate the venue, table and chairs. If you need larger quantities of fabric, consider purchasing from wholesale silk suppliers . Draping a room in saffron yellow, carmine red, and other vividly-coloured fabrics creates a dramatic setting for a Bollywood party.

At Indian special events, gold is everywhere. Recreate this atmosphere with  gold chargers to accent plates, gold napkin rings, and fabrics with the gold embroidery typically found in Indian silk fabrics. Indian saris can also be used as accent pieces for chairs or as a table topper. For a simple table centerpiece, just pour water in a glass bowl and add floating flowers and candles in it. For the lighting, use tons of candles to light the room instead of using typical event lighting to create a great atmosphere for your event.
Of course the food needs no introduction. From mild to spicy, vegetarian to meat lover, there’s something for everyone. You could for example choose a Chaat menu, a generic name for different snacky street food like Bhelpuri, Tikki Chaat, and Paani Puri…. Or go for a popular Indian food buffet with Indian cuisine best sellers like richly-sauced Butter Chicken, the famous Tikka Masala, and some Naans. For a buffet meal, it is a common to have foods that do not require use of a knife. No matter which Indian food you include, it will always be delicious, tangy, hot, sweet and sour, and will leave your stomach and senses fully satisfied.

No Indian event is without music and dancing. Bollywood films offer a large choice of music. You can also arrange for professional dancers to perform at your event. Aerial silk dancers or a Banghra dance group will make a great impression for your guests and get them dancing to the throbbing music.


No matter what theme you decide to include, you need to keep in mind that the key to throwing a good event, is to plan ahead and plan well. To do so, Bright Ideas Events is here for you!


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