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It All Takes Time

Any corporate, organizational, or social event takes time and planning to make it a success. For a memorable event that wins awards, it demands more than just phone calls and scheduling.

The best events, like a beachside rock-and-roll barbecue, demand creative vision, precise attention to details, and dedicated professionals with a long list of resourceful contacts.

At Bright Ideas Events, Ltd., we do more than make your next corporate event the highlight of the season; we make it a national award-winning extravaganza.

With creative professionals bound only by their grand imaginations, any theme or concept is possible.

Whether it is a trip back in time to a bygone era, or transforming an ordinary location to some destination across the globe, our designers go the extra miles to bring visions to life.

Every Event Begins with an Idea

Brainstorming is an occupational hazard for award-winning event designers. They know that the better the ideas, the more likely they are going to be pursuing the perfect locations, props, and other important details that make an event perfect. Organizing an event means long hours, legwork, and a non-stop pace until the last guest leaves.

In addition to great organization skills and creative vision, transforming an idea to a successful event involves a wide variety of other skills and experience:

Planning tomorrow’s event began years ago. It does not matter if an event was scheduled last week or last month, the foundation for the very best events was established during the planner’s early years of business. When events call for specific props, specialty designs, and coveted locations, the planners who developed resources and contacts yesterday are the ones who produce today’s best events.

Location, location, location. With real estate and event planning, location can be everything. Planners who spend time scouting locations to discover the most unique, breathtaking, and hidden gems always deliver the most memorable events.

Historical knowledge is important. Getting the details right can make or break an event. Having a broad comprehension of different eras, accurate costumes, and timely props leads to realistic events that guests appreciate.

Events do not win awards simply for being the biggest or brightest spectacle. The best events are judged not on the grand scale of the production, but on the tiny details that give it a distinct character and feel. When attendees believe they have entered another time or place, no award can compare.

Trust the Professionals who Appreciate Tiny Details

When the time comes to plan your organization’s next event, you want it to be memorable and enjoyable for every guest. Winning an award is just icing on the cake. Hire our nationally recognized planners to create realistic details and experiences for your next gathering.

Imagine the talk around the office when your company’s next event is featured as an award-winning concept. At Bright Ideas, our goal is to make your event an unforgettable experience for everyone, and winning awards for it is just an added benefit for our customers.


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