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Guests Dress for the Occasion

“High Tea at Ascot” was a day fit for Kings and Queens. Guests arrived dressed in their best High Tea attire and were given a Racing Program for the Main Event. Even the small children were dressed in themed outfits and were thrilled to play with the horses. It was hard for them to pick a favourite!

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The Royal Tea House

And they sampled a wide variety of tea from ‘The Tea House’ where hostesses offered guests a chance to sip blends that they had never tried before. Other activities included ‘Royal Nail Art’, an ‘Ascot Fashion Show’ & ‘Her Majesty’s Body Art’. Guests marveled at all of the customized stations that they could try.

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On Your Mark….

There were many Ascot Memories made this day, with the most popular of all being the hilarious Horse Races on stick horses. Each team raced to the finish line with their fully decorated stick Race Horse between their legs. It was such fun to watch as the horses crossed the line to the cheering crowds!

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Horse Racing, Bright Ideas Events, Vancouver, Corporate Events,

Get set …GO!

The food was amazing and was certainly fit for a King and Queen!

The talk of the Race Track was the cute edible Black Top Hats and Red Roses which were placed on the dessert squares.  And next to these adorable squares were some delicious chocolate dipped strawberries!

On your mark… get set… go!  Call Bright Ideas today to find out how to offer this highly customized themed High Tea at Ascot event at your next event!                  


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