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Summer Themes are a MUST!

Haven’t quite convinced you of the value a Summer theme could bring to your next corporate event?  The Quick Guide to Summer Themes continues here and now with Part Two of why Summer themes are a MUST!

Last week, we highlighted the importance of having a theme, why that theme should be a Summer theme, and what it takes to make a good Summer theme.  This week we ‘heat’ things up, so let’s get started with Part Two of the Summer Themes Quick Guide!

Incorporating your Summer theme into your event has no limits!  Once you’ve picked a theme, only the bounds of your creativity constrain you.  At High Tea at Ascot, Bright Ideas incorporated the theme absolutely everywhere!  The Summer theme completely shaped this event, from the signage and branding, to the décor, the food, and to the activities.

High Tea at Ascot

Knowing that posh sunhats for ladies is a long-standing tradition at Ascot, Bright Ideas designed a hat-decorating activity and competition for ‘Best in Show’ complete with great prizes. With Horse racing being the obvious pillar of Ascot, we developed a race schedule, complete with a program naming all the horses like Blue Dragon and Clockwork Orange, each race with 5 horses denoted by the colour of fascinator they were wearing (which, yes, we crafted by hand!). Races, held every 10 minutes and announced by a tuxedo-clad Caller, unfolded like a human-sized board game with each Jockey (guests) taking turns advancing squares based on the spin of a Giant Wheel showing the colours of each horse.

Rock ‘N Roll BBQ

Guests knowing about your Summer theme in advance is a huge boon to its overall success.  If your guests can get excited about the party because it’s a theme they understand and find fun, they’ll get involved and engaged, and you can bet they’ll be raiding the local shops for costume separates!  Rock ‘N Roll BBQ was just such an event.  Ladies came in knee-length taffeta poodle shirts, ankle socks, and horn-rimmed cat-eye glasses, while men came in dark jeans with huge belt buckles, blindingly polished shoes and slicked-back hair, too-tight t-shirts with rolled-up sleeves, and fake cigarettes hanging from the corners of their mouths!  They even brought their little ones dressed as mini versions of themselves!

Guests could get inside and take pictures with real 1950s collector vehicles, dance to tunes by Johnny Cash, Marilyn Monroe, and Elvis Presley impersonator bands, decorate their own neck scarves and eyeglasses, and show their stuff at Costume and YoYo contests.  But the real entertainment was seeing their own enthusiasm reflected in everyone else as all guests came dressed to the nines, or rather the 50s.

West Coast Celebration

Feeling inspired yet overwhelmed?  Don’t.  Bright Ideas will help you pick and deliver any theme, so getting us on your side, especially with very specific themes, will be your first step in producing a premier Summer-themed event.  For example, with our connections and office full of dedicated planning staff, our client couldn’t have pulled off West Coast Celebration without us.  This was a Client Appreciation event, so it had to remain tasteful while still being an informal Summer-themed event.  The event was hosted on First Nation’s territory.

We rented authentic pieces of Coast Salish art to decorate the space.  The event was blessed by a Cleansing Dance.  There was a special focus paid to locally sourced and foraged foods.  Guests could engage in our safer take on traditional Indigenous sporting activities, such as wrestling (Sumo-style, so no injuries), and dart-throwing (Nurf, of course!  Much safer than flint points!).  Finally, guests could take home a small piece of their First Nation’s experience: an authentic hand carved letter opener created by local Coast Salish artists.

How do I chose?

So how do you choose a theme if there are so many options?  Bright Ideas has a history of making good fun out of a dollop of summer sun!  We’ve highlight a few themes in this two part series on why Summer themes are a MUST, but check out our Portfolio for so many more examples of how we are inspired by Mother Nature’s most glorious season.  Any of these themes can be replicated or easily adapted to suit your particular tastes and the needs of your event.

With this two-part series Quick Guide to Summer Themes, the only thing you really need to remember is to hire Bright Ideas!  We’ll suggest and help you pick a theme based on your event objectives, we’ll research, book, and incorporate all aspects of the theme.  And we’ll make sure your guests have a great time!

If we’ve finally convinced you that Summer themes are a MUST, call us now to start planning your next corporate event and make your Summer-themed Ideas shine as Bright as the Summer Sun!


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