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So if you’ve started thinking about this summer’s Company Picnic and you’ve been inspired by any of our blog ideas, we want to work with you to throw the best Summer Corporate Event your company has had yet, because we’re full of, well, Bright Ideas!

If you’re an avid follower of this blog space, no doubt you’ve been enthralled by the many samples of great events we’ve talked about here.  From a Christmas event for an  insurance company called Christmas Around the World to an Annual Awards night for a regional car dealership called Road Trip, to a Company Picnic that took inspiration from a world-famous horse race track called High Tea at Ascot, we’ll bet you’ve found endless hints and tips on how to plan the perfect Company event.

We’d like to talk about is how much value Bright Ideas can infuse into your next Corporate Event.  We’re about to give you six more reasons, rounding out all aspects from creativity to industry connections, from ‘bang for buck’ to taking on the planning workload, and how all of this investment actually adds value to your company.  We’re going to demonstrate that there’s just no event like a Bright Ideas event!

Reason #1.  Award Winning Creativity

One of the greatest honours in the highly competitive corporate events industry is when your colleagues recognize your efforts and achievements.  The Canadian Special Events Awards do just that, consisting of a panel of seasoned industry professionals judging their peers based on very specific categories and criteria.  In the more than 28 years that Bright Ideas has been producing corporate events, we’ve either been shortlisted or placed in the top three for almost every event that we’re entered for an award.  For a full list of our awards, please click here.

1920’s Soiree

The 1920’s Soiree Christmas staff event delivered all of the luxurious touches we had planned. Through strategic decisions about the décor, we created a colourful and elegant tableau for guests to enjoy a sophisticated and entertaining event.

To see more photos of this event, click here.

Rock N Roll BBQ on the Beach

Guests were treated to a complete 1950’s experience with Antique Cars, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley,  and Old Fashioned Sundaes. A beautifully packaged box of nostalgic 1950’s Candy was awarded for the best dressed female and male. The hit of the party; decorating your own Cat Eye Glasses & Chiffon Scarves. To see photos of this event, click here.

Purple Spring Celebration

The guests of honor wanted to celebrate their engagement in Miami. That wasn’t possible. Bringing a taste of South Beach to Vancouver, British Columbia however, was no problem… with our creative thinking “outside of the box”. The clients chose a stunning waterfront venue. Purple and white décor, elegant music, a signature drink, and first class gourmet Indian cuisine.

To see more of these photos, click here.

Reason #2. Relationships with Suppliers

Connections are King.  Everywhere.  It’s true in the event industry for sure!  Over time, if you treat people well, offer challenges but don’t push it, deliver credit when it’s due but don’t patronize, then those you work with come to respect you, stop what they’re doing to take your call, and often come the rescue.

As one of the longest, continuously operating event producing companies in the Lower Mainland, you can bet we have our fair share of excellent relationships with our industry partners.  We have a lighting guy who knows our style and that we always want something spectacular.  We have an A/V guy who likes the challenges we present him, because he knows that our collaboration always produce something ground-breaking.  We have an activities supplier who knows exactly how Bright Ideas runs particular games, making their contribution flawless.  And we’ve been working with the same rental company for so long that there’s almost a secret language and procedures exclusive to us.

The benefit of these nourished relationship is all yours, because when you bring us to your planning table, we bring every one of these connections with us, infusing your event with the expertise, the efficiency, and the high standards we feel every corporate event should contain.

Reason #3. Strict Budget Management

One of the most important services provided by Bright Ideas is watching the bottom line.  Once you’ve given us that magic number, we never lose sight of it.  We’ll always provide you with many theme-appropriate elements and then work with you to choose the ones you like best, all while keeping your budget at the fore of each decision.  We respect that you’re planning this event for a particular reason and with specific funds made available, and by bringing Bright Ideas into the planning you’ve ensured you’ll succeed at both!

Stay tuned next week for 3 more reasons to hire Bright Ideas Events.


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