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So you want to take your company staff to the PNE but you don’t want them to stand in line and fight the crowds?  They don’t have to. We will bring the carnival TO YOU just like we did for our client Best Buy!

Upon entering the carnival area, guests’ eyes will sparkle with excitement and anticipation. The upbeat music floating through the air will quickly put guests at ease and allow them to join in the fun. All you need is a nice piece of green space or even an empty parking lot.  We will set up your carnival complete with a midway of carnival games, yummy carnival treats, a prize table of stuffed animals and even rides such as a Ferris wheel. You just have to make one phone call and we’ll do the rest!

First thing we do is set the stage with the décor. We bring brightly colored strings of pennant flags, giant balloon clusters and lots of red & white striped tents to set the tone for a fun filled day of skill testing games, haunted houses and exciting amusement rides. All event staff will be dressed in referee shirts complete with whistles, clipboards, carnival cards and big smiles!

What is a carnival without good old fashioned carnival food? Novelty food stations will be placed throughout the area to encourage guests to move freely throughout the event as they enjoy the full carnival experience. We bring the carnival treats right to your event and make you feel like a kid again on the opening day of the PNE. Who doesn’t love the carnival favorites such as corn dogs, pretzels and sno cones? There is nothing that beats the smell of freshly baked mini donuts covered in cinnamon sugar. These are always a hit at our carnivals, next to the hot buttered popcorn and red candy apples!

So we have decorated your space with festive carnival decor, fed your guests some scrumptious carnival fare and the Dixieland band is playing; now it’s time to open the midway of carnival games. Step right up!  With so many different activities to choose from, guests won’t know where to begin. Share a laugh in an upbeat atmosphere with co-workers and managers as you earn a perfect score on the Road Kill Café, Bottle Ring Toss and of course, win some fantastic prizes. After you have completed your Carnival Card, you can turn it in at the prize table for a chance to win amazing prizes such as stuffed animals, inflatable guitars or oversized sombreros. This event will definitely bring out the inner child in all of your guests!

Make sure to visit the tattoo artist to get your own airbrushed creation and line up for a personalized caricature that is worthy of your wall at work!  Stilt walker & Magician roam the area, spreading laughter and joy to all.

If you really want to provide an afternoon that will have your guests talking for weeks, include go-karts and have races to see who is the Andretti in your office?  Maybe even offer a trophy for the best score.

While carnivals today are focused on high-tech, you-vs.-machine games, Bright Ideas Event Coordinators Ltd. will provide fun and competitive carnival games that that encourage interaction including old fashioned fun such as Down The Clown, Feed The Monkey, Football Toss, Shark Attack to name a few.  And we can’t forget the infamous Bell Ringer!

Call us today to discuss how we can make your next Canada Day Event a memorable occasion!


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