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Can you believe it?  It’s July already and before you know it, the Holiday Season will be upon you.  Are you ready?  Is the planning for your corporate Christmas Party almost wrapped up?

If that question just caused you minor heart palpitations, we’re sincerely sorry.  But we’re also here to help.  Bright Ideas has nearly 3 decades of experience helping some of the biggest and smallest companies in Vancouver plan their corporate Christmas parties.  If you’re feeling the pressure planning yours, NOW is the time to Hire Bright Ideas to make sure this year’s event is the best it can be!

Procrastinate – we all do it!  But in the Event Planning world, that’s a dirty word because it can mean you don’t get the event you want.  By now, most of the best venues have been booked for months, the best talent have taken deposits, and your guests are starting to write family plans into their Holiday calendars.  But even if you haven’t really dug your fingers into planning this year’s Holiday Party yet, Bright Ideas can still help.  With long-standing industry connections, we can often pull strings.  For you, this means it’s not too late to plan the perfect company Christmas Party.

 For example, the furniture components and arrangements were being edited right up until the last minute in the design of the Martini Lounge for a recent James Bond themed event called Diamonds are Forever.  Because we’ve been working with them for so long, our Supplier was understanding and even supportive of the changes, and in the end, the Lounge was spectacular!

Multi-task – what you’ll have to do in order to get your regular duties done AND plan this year’s Holiday Party.  Let’s face it: you’re busy!  Partnering with Bright Ideas to plan this year’s company Christmas Event not only lifts a big weight off your shoulders, but gets the right people doing the right jobs.  With our creativity and experience, we truly can make your company’s Holiday Party the best it can be, even if we’re starting from scratch in mid-July!  And working with us in the long-term has proven to boost attendance at our corporate functions.

If historical guest counts drive the budget for your company events, then this is really important for you.  Because Event Planning is what we do, we’re in touch with what gets people excited about getting dressed up and bringing their + 1 out for a night of celebration.  Just look at the number of people who got excited about Diamonds Are Forever, dressing up like James Bond, being inspired by a theme we knew this crowd could really connect to!

Balance – what we try to achieve between our working and personal lives.  By outsourcing the bulk of the event planning to Bright Ideas NOW for this year’s Holiday Party, you get your personal time back.  With Bright Ideas onboard, there’ll be no more long days spent searching for the perfect venue, just the right caterer and researching the hippest band to perform at your company Holiday Party.  Get your work done by your deadlines and let Bright Ideas use our countless industry connections to find just the right band for your crowd.

And lighting, and menu, and décor, and activities, and professionally designed invitations and signage. And because we’re dedicating our time to the success of your event, we’ll ensure your theme is represented in all of these aspects, really bringing everything together and impressing your guests with even the tiniest of details.  Just look at how we incorporated diamonds into just about everything at Diamonds Are Forever: from crystal columns at the buffet stations to rhinestone crystals around all the sign frames, guests were reminded at every turn that Diamonds truly are Forever!

So pick up the phone and call us or submit a request for a quote via our website, and hire Bright Ideas NOW, the industry-leading professionals who are going to use the next four months to plan the best Holiday Party your guests have ever attended!


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