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Our client wanted to honour the contributions of an employee that had been with the company for 40 years. They also wanted the event to highlight his interests away from the office. That meant showcasing four decades of dedication… and a passion for golf and Arizona.

Bright Ideas took those ideas and created Fairway of Flavours, a unique, customized buffet that had guests enjoying fine dining from the 70s to the present, as they celebrated the guest of honour at four themed food stations. The final stop on their four decade culinary time trip was also the highlight of the theme decor. A dessert buffet nestled on a mini-fairway, made from real grass and featuring unique edible golf balls!

The evening had to be both casual and upscale at the same time. While there wasn’t to be a sit-down dinner, the guests were expecting a fine dining experience and the opportunity to mingle and share in the celebration of the evening. Bright Ideas responded, with a crowd-pleasing variety of foods to delight the palates of the VIP guests and an elegant, yet fun decor theme. Potted cacti, elegant earth tones, and colorful succulents worked with the existing furnishings of the home, highlighting the Arizona theme without overpowering the professional decor of this luxurious home.

Continuing with the golf theme, an indoor driving range, coupled with swing advice from golf pro, was a hit with the crowd. It was a fun way to break up visits to the various food stations, as was the fortune teller, peering into the future for those wishing to know their destiny. The final, fitting touch to the evening were the natural cotton reusable gift bags each containing a succulent potted plant that would be right at home in the Arizona desert.

Preparing an exclusive event on short notice is always a challenge. Bright Ideas met that challenge with Fairway of Flavours. Not only were we able to pull together a high-end event on short notice, the client, invited guests, and the guest of honour himself were all delighted with the event, particularly the way the theme, buffet, and activities were produced.

Recognizing and commemorating one man’s dedication and commitment to his work, by highlighting what he does for fun, Fairway of Flavours was the ideal way to celebrate 40 years of hard, yet rewarding work.

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