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You’ve been enthralled by the many samples of great events we’ve talked about here.  But what we’re about to talk about is how much value Bright Ideas can infuse into your next corporate event.

We’re about to give you three more reasons, rounding out all aspects from creativity to industry connections, from ‘bang for buck’ to taking on the planning workload, and how all of this investment actually adds value to your company.  We’re going to demonstrate that there’s just no event like a Bright Ideas event!

Reason #4. No stress

If one of the most important services provided by Bright Ideas is minding the budget, then perhaps the most convenient is that we do all the messy research and coordination.  So you have a date and a purpose, but nothing else planned yet?  Not a problem!  Bright Ideas finds the venue and negotiates the contract, from signing to the end of the event.  We’ll work between you and the caterer to ensure you’re getting a menu that everyone will adore but that fits with your budget.  We’ll develop all aspects of the decor based on your taste, and then source it and even set it up to it is perfect.  We’ll look far and wide for the perfect band or DJ, for the perfect games or activities, and often we even create something new completely from scratch, just for you!  We’ll do all the ‘trench’ work according to your theme and budget.  All you have to do is pick what you like best!

Reason #5. Increased ROI (Return on Investment)

Whenever you’re planning an event, you have to keep in mind that all of your hard work is not just for this one-time party.  No, if you do it right, you’re not just paying for a great corporate event.  Your investment turns back onto the company in the form of a boost in company moral, if you met your event objective to show your employees how much they are valued.  You just increased productivity, if you met the objective to show the employee’s family members how much you appreciate their support of your employees throughout the year.  You likely inched up the illusive ‘Best Employers’ ladder by reminding your employee satisfaction survey-taking colleagues of how fantastic the company parties are.  And you probably got your company some free advertising in the form of new material to add to the corporate Facebook page, word-of-mouth as guests (employee or otherwise) talk around town about what a great company you must be.  And if you had a charitable aspect to your event, you can double everything we’ve just mentioned here!  But, in order to tick all of these ROI boxes, you need to do it right, and that’s how Bright Ideas can really add value to your investment.  Bringing us onboard means we help you set event objectives and we make sure you meet them.

Reason #6. Repeat Clients

If all of these reasons to hire Bright Ideas as your event producer haven’t quite convinced you yet, allow us to provide one final reason, a true feather in our Party Hat

In the Bright Ideas Rolodex, we have 6 clients that we have produced more than 15 events for, and another 4 that we have produced more than 10 events for.  Each year, we produce events for an average of 5 new clients and one or two of those approach us for another event. Word of mouth is the best referral you can get!

So if you’re thinking about the details of the Corporate Event you’re planning and any one of these topics has resonated with you, then rest assured that bringing us to your table will be the best piece of planning you can do because there is just simply no event like a Bright Ideas event!

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