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An Groovy Time!

Groovy! They say if you can remember the Sixties, you weren’t really there. But for the guests at Feeling Groovy BBQ, their summer picnic was far-out fun that they are unlikely to forget. Bright Ideas’ event production expertise delivered a tie-dyed time trip that was an afternoon walking down Memory Lane for some guests, and a chance to experience flower power for the first time for the many children in attendance.

Groovy Man

We designed the 1960’s Feeling Groovy BBQ so guests could enjoy a day in a beautiful location while socializing with their colleagues and family members. For this event it began with the Groovy Bus invitations setting the tone (in the shape and colors of a tie-dyed t-shirt), and was carried all the way through all facets of the event.

Cool Staff

Bright Ideas staff, dressed in full 60s-style hippie outfits, greeted attendees as they arrived. Each person got their very own ‘psychedelic’ starter kit, including a headband, 1960’s sunglasses, peace sign necklaces, or a flower power tattoo. Awaiting them in their very own slice of Woodstock was entertainment and activities time-warped forward from the Summer of Love.

Far Out Decor

Décor featured key symbols of the decade –peace signs, lava lamps, and beaded curtains. Inflatable toy electric guitars satisfied the air band dreams of one and all. A face and body painter provided a ‘Make Art, Not War’ vibe and activities such as Spin Art Frisbee painting captured the flavor of the era with wild-looking far out designs.

Flower Power Cake Pops

A crowd favorite – making your own flower power Cake Pop, was a tasty and unique option, combining a bit of art and plenty of flavors. Of course, everyone wanted a way to remember the fun and the Funky Foto booth was there for everybody to immortalize their Sixties experience. Throughout the day, the music, spanning an amazing decade of creativity, from the British Invasion to the Summer of Love, got fingers snapping and feet moving.

Groovy Costume Contest

Underneath the buffet tent, Tie-dyed table linens and psychedelic centerpieces continued the groovy bus theme, with all the décor in the bright swirling colors and patterns so popular during the Swinging Sixties. Capping off the event was our costume contest. The costumes were colorful and the guests really got into the spirit of the Sixties. Some of them truly played the part of trippy hippies, wandering on stage in a dazed and confused fashion, to the considerable amusement of the audience. Austin Powers was the master of ceremonies for the contest, entertaining one and all as judges chose the best costumes, rewarding the top man, woman, and child with a tasty gift – a custom box of 60s nostalgia candies, a sweet way to recognize those who truly got into the groovy spirit of the day.

Feeling Groovy BBQ

It may seem like a long time ago now, but for many of the guests, the Feeling Groovy BBQ was a trip back in time, and they were sharing memories of the fun, carefree days of their youth. For the kids, it was a very much a novelty to experience this famous decade, but the theme definitely created common ground for all ages to enjoy, proving that for this event at least, all you need is love… and Bright Ideas.


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