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In our day and age, Event Consulting is needed more than ever! Event planning has become more complex and difficult in terms of budget, time, and scouting reliable vendors. It is even harder if you are trying to plan it on your own. That is why an Event Consultant can and will be your lifesaver. With their rich knowledge, connections, and experience, they know all the ins-and-outs to make your event a success even on a low budget. If you are not convinced yet, then keep reading!

The Current State of Event Planning

The event planning industry took a real hit during the pandemic and it is still trying to recover. Whereas in the past when we couldn’t host events, compared to now when we have the freedom to hold as many events as possible, we are dealing with a severe labour shortage. During the pandemic good qualified event professionals left the industry to go to other professions and have not returned. Other factors like inflation, restrictions, and limited timelines also are having a significant effect. Now recently, big event budgets are shrinking, which leads to further layoffs on top of an already understaffed industry. So, many full service event production companies are struggling to keep a full roster of event planners on hand. That is why relying on an Event Consultant might be the best option to go for!

The Role of Event Consulting

What does an Event Consultant actually do? Well, imagine them as a guiding hand, an expert who knows the ins and outs of event coordination and is here to make your planning a piece of cake. They have so much knowledge and experience to boost your ROI, plan a strategic plan, and maneuver around unforeseen obstacles that might come along the way, like last-minute changes, such as cancellations, weather, etc. You can hire them for a little bit of work, a piece of the planning cycle or help along the way from A to Z

Event Consulting is a Secret Weapon

This type of consultant is not only here just to advise you, but rather, they will roll up their sleeves to provide you with all the support needed. Event Consultants have no problem working with restricted budgets, negotiating with vendors, and hiring staff. This takes a huge load of stress off your shoulders, ensuring that you can focus on having a successful event!

Here are some reasons WHY you need an Event Consultant


You are short on budget and can’t afford to hire a full service event planner, but you need someone experienced and knowledgeable to help plan the event.


you don’t have enough time to plan the event by yourself in today’s short planning cycles. You don’t want to hire a full time staff and you need someone that can parachute into the event cycle with their boots on the ground.


You have no creativity and don’t know where to start with a theme for your event.


The staff you have in your office have never planned an event in their life and don’t know where to start. Event Consultants can guide your untrained staff or take on this work themselves.


You have an idea of what you want to have at your event but don’t know where to find good, reliable event vendors to perform the service or provide the goods you need.

The Power of Event Consulting…

Hiring an Event Consultant is a smart decision when it comes to navigating the complexities of today’s event planning. Their expertise, connections, and ability to alleviate the stress of budget constraints and tight timelines make them invaluable in ensuring the success of your event. Embracing Event Consulting can be the secret weapon in your back pocket if you need a seamless and successful event.

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