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Meetings Today interviews Sharon Bonner about her involvement in the event industry over the past 30 years.

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Designs & Themes

Sharon Bonner, president and CEO of Vancouver, B.C.-based Bright Ideas Events, has been producing events for three decades, so when it comes to design and themes, she’s seen fads come and go and knows how a theme can transform an event.

Bonner published The Bright Ideas Adventure–25 Years of Event Excellence on her website, which chronicles her event planning career. As the company turns 30 this year, a new division specializing in Event Consulting will launch in July 2018.

Meetings Today: What are some of your most popular and most-used themes for events?
Sharon Bonner: Believe it or not my most popular theme is Viva Las Vegas.

People really seem to love the glitz and glam of Vegas, and we go all out with the giant dice, ostrich feathers, flashing dice necklaces and customized play money.

My second most popular theme is Around the World. With the technology nowadays, the world is a global network and I’m getting multiple requests to design events that showcases a certain theme globally.

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